Naish S27 Jet / Kite Foil Fuselage

Naish S27 Fuselage The new Naish fuselage features our new mast connection system but retains the Indexed Scarf Joint (ISJ) front connection and 2X M6 back wing connection.This makes our new fuselage 100% backwards compatible with every front wing we've made to date, and with every rear wing since 2018 in keeping with our modular design philosophy. As the sport of foiling evolves, there are new levels of specialization, and Naish is pleased to now offer our fuselages in three lengths: Sizes: 55cm | 64cm | 95cm | 95cm 55 cm - Our shortest fuselage, designed for maximum turning - popular for surf foiling, kite foiling and wing foiling 64 cm -The standard fuselage length that provides the best all-around performance and delivers the optimum combination of turning ability, pumping and pitch stability for surf, wing foiling and kite foiling 95 cm - Ideal for windsurf foiling for boards with track boxes as well as a great choice for wing foiling for riders looking for maximum pitch stability and control at high speeds Technical Features: CNC construction from aircraft grade 6061 aluminum. (2) custom M8 screws (mast connection) use the T30  Torx driver as the M6 screws that connect the foil wings. (*not included) Enlarged exterior geometry at the mast connection mitigates the increased torsional and bending loads from high aspect wings. New mast connection delivers seamless plug and play performance. All threaded connections have stainless steel helicoil liners to minimize corrosion. 5x M6 20 mm Stainless Steel Torx Screws Wing/Stabilizer mounting screws included