Naish S27 Kite Foil Semi-Complete Foil - 50% Off

Naish S27 Kite Foil Semi-Complete Sizes: 650 | 810 | 960 Kite 650 Semi-Complete  - High-Performance Freeride The 650 front wing targets intermediate to advanced riders. It has a huge range with a medium speed take off and nearly unlimited top end. The medium aspect ratio delta planform and washed-out wingtips provide smooth lift and balance at lower speeds - as the speed increases, the lift shifts towards the center of the foil, adding stability and the ability to push hard with control. This wing is also a light wind weapon - as soon as you?re able to pop up onto the foil and break the board free, the ultra low drag anhedral design lets you create an insane amount of apparent wind to hit high speeds in marginal conditions. If you?re into blasting around at speed without losing the ability to carve and ride waves, the 650 is the most exciting foil in our line up and will ignite under the feet of intermediate to advanced riders.