S27 Naish Traverse Ewan Jaspan Pro Freestyle / Freeride Twintip Kiteboard - 50% Off

S26 Naish Traverse Ewan Jaspan Pro - Freeride / Freestyle Twintip Kiteboard Sizes: 138 x 41 | 144 x 42.5 | 152 x 43.5 The Traverse Ewan Jaspan Pro board is unlike any other ?Pro Board? on the market, with Ewan?s all-around style of kiteboarding at the center of the design process. The Traverse is made to carve like a dream, ride smoothly through chop, and glide on landing. This board?s longer outline and is super playful in all aspects of the sport. Its longer narrower outline is meant to be ridden approximately 5-10cm longer than a standard twin tip shape. With the specifically designed 2.8cm G10 EJ fins, which, like the board are longer and designed for hold when you want it, but have the ability to break free when needed. The board offers a unique blend of a comfortable and easy-to-ride shape, with a high-performance construction that will hold up to all you can throw its way making it ideal for top-level riding or everyday cruising. It also has a sintered base and centered inserts to ensure you get maximum durability. If you?re looking for a board that has top-level performance, mixed with maximum comfort and durability, try out the new Traverse EJ Pro.