Naish X Curfboard Wave Limited Edition - 60% Off!

NAISH X CURFBOARD WAVE LIMITED EDITION This all-round board offers you everything you need for training. Whether long turns or radical cut backs, whether fast or cruisey' the board always does what you want. For 2022 we?ve teamed up with Curfboard to release an exclusive Naish Limited Edition of the Wave model with Curfboard's innovative and trusted front truck. The Silver Edition comes with an all-silver front truck and even higher-quality parts. The result is a board and truck that is quieter and smoother, both in terms of noise and riding experience. If you?re into jumps you will also notice how the new truck stays in a straight position while in the air. Shorter, wider and simply rad. You surf shortboards and a powerful cut-back is what gets you out of bed in the morning? Maybe you even want to catch some air? The Wave is your weapon of choice for tight, quick turns, sessions in the park and playful tricks. This board is our performance surfskate and is designed to help you take your surfskating and your surfing to the next level. The wider deck puts more wood under your feet for better control during carves and slides or even aerials if you want to go that far. Its shorter wheelbase allows you to perform deeper and sharper turns. Take it out on a date at the skatepark or simply link some turns in front of your house whenever you?re missing that unforgettable surf feeling.