2020 Naish Global Performance Wave Directional Kiteboard

2020 Naish Global - Performance Wave New Shapes & Sizes SIZES      LENGTH             WIDTH            THICKNESS       VOLUME 5'7"        5'7"/170.2 cm     18 1/4"/46.4 cm    2 1/4"/5.7 cm         25 L 5'9"        5'9"/175.3 cm     18 1/4"/46.4 cm    2 5/16"/5.9 cm       26.4 L Bomb-proof, Lighter Weight Durafinish Full Sandwich Construction New Corduroy Pads for Increased Grip and Comfort The Globals are designed for riders looking for total confidence and unmatched all-around performance for both strapped or strapless wave riding. Responsive yet forgiving due to their thinned-out rails, flowing outline, unique bat-tail and progressive rocker-the Globals are equally at home ridden slow and snappy, or fast and powerful. Driving off the bottom and snapping or carving off the lip, while still holding speed down the line, has never been easier. The relatively narrow release in the tail yields great power, grip and stability while its thruster design delivers the right combination of speed, control and drive-regardless of wave size and wind conditions. Whether in flat water, big waves or small, the Global will have even the most novice rider ripping like a pro, session after session!