Naish 2020 Jet Foil Complete - w/Abracadabra - 35% Off

Naish 2020 JET FOIL COMPLETE - ABRACADABRA FOR: Surf, SUP, Wake, Kite, Windsurf DESCRIPTION: Continuing to progress at the forefront of foiling, the 2020 Jet 1050 foil sets feature a multitude of new developments. The results set a new performance standard for surf and SUP foiling while offering versatility and performance for kite, wake and windsurf foiling. To achieve this, several design advancements have been implemented: All 2020 Jet front wings are new designs and set the standard for their combination of lift, turning ability and speed. The Jet 1050 front wing is our smallest front wing and is comparable to our 2019 surf M front wing. The new design delivers the same amount of lift, but offers better pumping ability, better speed potential as well as better, more intuitive turning. The set comes with our Stabilizer 320 which complements the new front wing by adding a dramatic amount of ?for and aft? stability. Its foil, outline and wing tip angles combine that stability with better more stable turning. The Jet 1050 setup also works great as a wake foil, freeride kite foil setup and can also be used for windsurfing foiling - especially in combination with our Hover Crossovers. For the wind related crossover applications we recommend purchasing longer masts to achieve the best performance.