2020 Naish Switch Versatile Freeride Twintip Kiteboard - 40% Off

2020 Naish Switch Versatile Freeride - All-around Sizes: 134/138 | 138/142 WHO'S IT FOR? Anyone seeking added versatility in best all around board, those that share a board, or kiters who travel and want the best performance in varying conditions WHAT DOES IT DO? Takes a great all-around shape and adds next-level versatility to cover a huge range of freeride conditions WHAT'S NEW? It's completely new! Conditions vary, people are asymmetrical and now there is a board that you can dial-in to your preferences. The Switch is a new design which gives a great all-around board even more versatility. The inserts on the board are centered so that both its rails can be ridden, which dramatically extends its lifespan. Since both rails are different lengths you can choose which side you want to ride depending on conditions and riding preference. If the wind is light and you are riding a big kite, the longer side can give you more rail in the water?keeping you planning, so you can get upwind. If the wind is cranking and the water is rough, you can switch to the shorter side for quicker turning, so you can load fast between the chop. It is also great option for different size people that want to share a board.