North 2020 Reach Freeride / Progression - 7m - 25% Off - Last One

North 2020 Reach Freeride / Freestyle Kite A lively and playful all-rounder for big jumps, upwind performance and effortless relaunch, our Reach Performance Freeride is the one kite you?ll always reach for. Evolved from a calculated fusion of the Orbit, Pulse and Carve, this versatile kite is designed to excel in every condition, from wave-riding to boosts, loops and freestyle tricks, and is the perfect match for our Sonar Foils. The fuller profile generates power and efficiency, while it?s lighter 3-strut construction delivers quick, responsive steering in even the lightest wind. In the larger 13m and 15m sizes the Reach is a powerful lightwind kite, designed with a predictable, consistent drive forward for TwinTip riding long after everyone else has gone in. Your desert island kite Big Hangtime Lightwind Optimised Quick responsive steering Confident Relaunch Tactile Handling Upwind Drive Freestyle Progression Travel Light Aerodynamic Efficiency Power on Demand Short, No-Pulley Bridle