North 2022/2023 Reach - Performance Freeride Kite - 35% Off

2022 North Reach - Performance Allround Freeride Kite The North Reach 2022 doesn't just stick to one discipline. Whether it's going to be a foil, freestyle, big air or kite loop session, the North Reach is ready for it. This year with a new lightweight dacron and improved LE for even better performance! North Reach 2022 Kite is a superbly exciting,  reliable, and consistant allround kite from North for all levels of riders. The North Reach 2022 is North's most all-round kite. If you could only take one kite with you on holiday, this is the best choice. Whether you want to go for a foil session, big air, kiteloop or freestyle: the North Reach has got it all. Also for beginners a very good choice because with this North Reach you have a kite with which you can discover all disciplines of kitesurfing.