North 2024 Calf Leash for Wingboarding and Surf Boards / SUP

North 2024 Calf Leash for Wingboarding / Surfboarding / SUP About: This coiled calf leash with double swivels provides you with a secure connection to your foilboard. The comfortable, no-slip calf cuff helps keep the cord above the water, reducing drag and tangles with your foil system. Includes: Coiled Leash Features: SS316 swivels at both ends to reduce tangles Comfort cuff lining and silicon inner grip to minimise slipping Easy grab finger tab for fast release Slimline rail saver Materials: 6' Long x 7mm Coiled PU Cord Lightweight neoprene calf cuff Strong injection-moulded velcro North Item:  85005.240030