Ozone Reo V7 Surf / Wave Kite

Reo V7 - The Legendary Wave Machine Two years after the V6 launched, now tuned more tightly than ever, the icon returns in the form of the Reo V7. A pure fire mix of speed, power control, drift and rapid relaunch, the V7's joystick control delivers thrilling sessions every time you hit the water. ORIGINAL REO DNA WITH IMPROVED RANGE AND BETTER FEEL The Reo V7 features an evolved combination of design features that will help your wave riding improve. Maintaining its low aspect three-strut platform, the V7 offers super fast turning response with rapid but silky smooth movement through the window and a handling sweet spot that's now even wider in its wind range. The cleaner and tighter aerofoil has also improved the low end, which is now markedly better in the V7. Luffing later, you'll enjoy even more predictability and clean feedback from the kite across a wider range of winds before the canopy is compromised. Of course, superb drift and float overhead remain key characteristics that have also been improved. Any wave, anywhere; this is your go-to surf performance kite.