Ozone Vortex Ultra X V1

Ozone Vortex Ultra X V1 A King of the Air kite that?s user friendly enough for many people to ride. Sounds unreal? From your first loops to the biggest doubles with massive airtime. Dream it, feel it, do it. If your biggest love is to blast around on a twin-tip sending it big, whether you?re already pulling kite loops, or are serious about learning them, the Vortex is for you. If you?re absolutely dedicated to big air and are a seasoned kite loop specialist, then the Vortex will help you reach the next dimension with confidence, knowing that it will not only catch you, but deliver more lift after the loop, too. Imagine the Edge, with magic dust. Key Features New school big air inspired 3-strut design with ultra stable Aluula airframe 16 point leading edge bridle connection for extreme stability Accessible and forgiving big air performance Fast handling and fast flying with super reliable catch after a kite loop Programmed for double kite loops Lightweight design and easy bar pressure Double Transversal shaping for tight and efficient canopy High-strength and low drag Technora bridle lines Ride full power for max air time all day