Ozone Reo V5 Surf Kite - Last One - 10m - Red - 30% Off

The Ozone Reo V5 is the world's best surf kite. Amazing drift and fast turning are the benchmarks of this surf-specific kite which also quickly relaunches. No pulleys give a direct feel and quick response. One of the fastest turing kites out there. Kiteboarding.com review of the Ozone Reo: The standard by which all Surf / Wave kites are measured. The Ozone Reo is the kite of choice for surf / wave conditions. With a fixed bridle the Reo has a very direct feel. hewn you push the bar awa the Reo drifts exceptionaly and does it immediately, well and when you pull the bar in, the power is there ready for use. The kite turns lightning fast so when you are done surfing a section, you can pull the bar in and downloop the kite with little to no effort setting yourself up for the next section perfectly. With this kites exceptional drifting ability and power availability, it is also a good option for hydrofoiling.