2021 Slingshot Celero XR Kiteboarding Surfboard

2021 Slingshot CELERO XR Surfboard Built with XR Construction?a hybrid EPS composition for optimal balance of weight and strength?the Celero XR is our quiver-of-one surfboard that delivers controlled, progressive performance in everything from serious waves to punchy river swell to cruisy flat water. Designed for versatility and reliability in all conditions?from underpowered, mushy beach break to shore-pounding overhead monsters?the CELERO XR in 2021 is built with XR Construction, an evolution of our popular hybrid EPS construction that yields incredible response, snap and lightweight performance. With bamboo and carbon reinforcements, XR Construction produces the perfect blend of weight and strength, providing you the highest performance true surfboard feel to handle all the rigors of kiteboarding. The modern, curvy outline and winged squash tail make the CELERO XR extremely responsive in turning, as well as help maintain speed through slower conditions or fatter wave sections. A tri-fin Thruster configuration with FCS II Reactor fins keeps the CELERO XR tracking down the line with confidence.