Slingshot Phantasm PFH Wings

PTM 684MM FRONT WING V1 (952 CM2 HP) FAST / AGILE / DYNAMIC The Phantasm Technical Mastery (PTM) 684 is an all-new, extremely dynamic front wing. The PTM 684 is an evolution of our popular Infinity wing series in a slightly higher aspect design. Riders will experience more speed and more maneuverability, while still maintaining the lift and stability needed to push their limits.   WHY WE MADE IT We built the PTM 684 Front Wing to give riders more performance while still maintaining stability and comfort.   WHY YOU'LL LOVE IT ?Riders will enjoy faster speeds, more agility and confidence inspiring stability ?The PTM 684 is the next step up after you have mastered the 633 wing. ?The Phantasm is modular?enjoy compatibility across the whole suite.   PTM 730MM FRONT WING V1 (655 CM2 HA) SPEED / GLIDE / CARVE The PTM 730 will accelerate and track at higher speeds to deliver a rock solid platform for un-matched glide and stability for long drawn out jibes and tacks. The larger span of the PTM 730 front wing and its High Aspect shape and design yields the perfect blend of speed and tracking. If you are looking for the perfect balance of speed and stability the PTM will deliver all of the performance you need and more. The wing's unique inverted gull wing shape not only provides insane speed but also delivers a game-changing self-leveling flight that governs your height no matter how fast you go.   WHY WE MADE IT The PTM 730 was built to provide you with a maximum blend of freeride speed and efficiencies, this foil will open up new lines, and new abilities for your foiling repertoire.   WHY YOU'LL LOVE IT ?The perfect balance of speed and stability. ?Perfect your turns and transitions with more glide and stability than any other foil. ?Ride faster and more locked it; delivering a rock-solid platform for boosting.   PTM 926MM FRONT WING V1 (1263 CM2 HA) PUMP / GLIDE / CARVE The high aspect PTM 926 wing is an incredibly efficient pumping machine that generates a ton of lift through carving turns. Once up on foil the frictionless feel is simply amazing. It soaks up lift from even the smallest of bumps allowing the rider to stand tall and relaxed. It makes 1-foot swells feel like big open-ocean rollers.   WHY WE MADE IT High aspect efficiency. Generates a ton of lift and forward traction from both foot pumping and simply carving the foil. Incredibly frictionless glide.   WHY YOU'LL LOVE IT ?If you want early lift, glide for days, stability you can count on and high aspect pumpability?you've found it. ?The perfect blend of Early Lift, Stability, Speed and Carving with Motor Like Pumpability.   PTM 1001MM FRONT WING V1 (1119 CM2 HA) GLIDE / PUMP / EFFICIENCY The Phantasm Technical Mastery (PTM) 1001 front wing was designed to deliver the most glide and give you a ton of forward traction with each pump. This wing makes even the tiniest bump feel like a giant open-ocean roller?the lack of friction is simply amazing. It's an outstanding foil for downwind runs on SUP or Wing, and will let you pump all the way around any towboat.   WHY WE MADE IT We wanted a wing with incredible glide that also gives you a ton of forward traction with each pump. The PTM 1001 lets you enjoy effortless downwind runs. Efficient enough to ride 4 and 5 wakes back on a wake boat.   WHY YOU'LL LOVE IT ?Incredible glide and pumping efficiency ?Nearly frictionless ?Cuts through the back of a swell like butter, allowing you to reach the next face and continue your glide ?Significant rail-to-rail stability