Slingshot Hope Craft V1 - Hydrofoil Deck

Slingshot Hope Craft V1 - Responsive / Pro / Performance Designed to the exact specifications and requirements of world champion foiler Fred Hope, the Hope Craft is the new premiere performance kite foil board in our range. If you are looking for a pure pro performance foil board, look no further than this. Fred Hope has been foiling for a long time. The world champion knows what works and what doesn't. We decided to give him free-reign to design exactly what he wants. The result is the all-new Hope Craft V1. Fred is always trying new tricks and maneuvers on his foil and he was really adamant about having slightly more volume than the smaller boards we make. He wanted that volume in the nose so that he could recover from touchdowns after radical maneuvers. He also needed stiffness. When you are moving at speed and heading into turns with serious pressure, you need that hero-level stiffness. The Hope Craft takes true performance to the next level. If you are looking for a board that can keep up with your progression the Hope Craft is yours!