2020 Slingshot Converter 5'4" Foil Deck

2020 Slingshot Converter 5'4" WHY YOU'LL LOVE THE CONVERTER: NEW Cushy corduroy deck pad More bang for your buck- kitesurf and foil with the same board Eliminates need to travel with multiple boards Versatile size and shape for both disciplines Adjustable foil mount & keyless FCSII fin system Switch between surf and foil in about 60 seconds Convenience of only needing to buy, store, carry, pack and travel with one board for both surfing and foiling is huge. Dimensions: Length - 5'4" Width - 18.3" Thickness - 2.4" Volume - 26L Weight - 10.2lbs/4.6kg Features: Slightly softer than our deck pads of the past, this new corduroy texture provides tons of grip and is as pleasing to your feet as it is to the eye. Multiple footstrap Insert Positions Ride with 3 straps, 2 straps, 1 strap half straps or no straps. Adjustable Track Foil Mount Allows you to slide your foil forward and aft on your board to fine-tune how it feels and performs based on your size, ability and personal preference. Keyless FCSII Fin System No tool required, just click in and click out. They're quick, easy, convenient and just as secure. Tri-fin configuration Also known as the thruster, this setup is stable, maneuverable and versatile. It holds well in powered up action and on steep, critical sections of waves.