Slingshot Ghost Whisper 111 FKITE Carbon 2.0

Slingshot Ghost Whisper 111 FKITE Carbon 2.0 Performance Carbon Foil You're ready for this foil when you can foil with confidence. All the time and energy you spent to get this far will have been worth it. It's fast. Wicked Fast. Blow your buddies off the water fast. The Ghost Whisper 111 is a finely tuned foil designed specifically for efficiency, high-speed and long-distance performance. When you get this foil, get a GPS device. Trust us, your friends will want proof of how fast and far you actually rode. WHY YOU'LL LOVE THE GHOST WHISPER 111 Light and stiff high-modulus carbon construction High-aspect wingset, top out at about 36knots Race-caliber foil for experienced riders Cover crazy distances and upwind angles Combine with foil kite for light-wind performance MORE ABOUT THE GHOST WHISPER 111 The Ghost Whisper 111 has a super sharp, high-aspect wingset designed for high speed performance and the lowest drag possible. An extended 111cm mast helps to prevent breaching when angled over at extreme angles and when cruising at high speed in rough water and chop. This not a playful freeride foil. It?s twitchy and nervous at slower speeds and with a longer mast can be unforgiving when you crash. But once you get it up to cruising speed, push against it and rail upwind, it has a locked-in feeling that gives you the confidence to fly faster and farther than you ever have before.