Triton T1 Monowing Hydrofoil With 85cm Mast

Triton Foils T1 Complete Foil The foil set comes complete with everything you need to attach your monowing to any foilboard with a standard 90mm track system.  The foil set includes our T1 aluminum mast,  baseplate, monowing, hardware, and sleeves (mast and wing) to protect your investment in transit and on the beach. Get ready to monowing! Triton's innovative, full carbon, patent-pending monofoil is the future of foiling, full stop. The T1's revolutionary design delivers an amazing cruising, freestyle, and wave riding experience for average to advanced riders. So how does it ride? It's way more turny and agile than a traditional foil. It wants to do 360s and tacks naturally. It has front foot pressure just like a traditional foil. It's also a "breeze" to ride in low and high wind, flat water, and waves. Set Features: T1 foil set - Complete and ready to mount to any 90mm track system. Stainless hardware - Our slot key, slot washer, and pedestal washer are expensive to manufacture but totally worth it. 3071g - At 3071g (85cm) complete with hardware, the T1 is incredibly light under your feet.