Top Picks

Check here for our top picks in several catagories. Kites, Boards, Wings, Wetsuits, Harnesses, and many more.  
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Top Picks - Wetsuits

Find our top picks for wetsuits here.

Top Picks - Beanies and Hoods

Outr top picks to keep your head warm. Beanies and Hoods.

Top Picks - Neoprene Jackets

Our top picks for neoprene jackets and hoodies.

Top Picks - Big Air Kites

Our top pcks for going big. Big air kites.

Top Picks - Gloves

Our top pick for keeping you hand and fingers warm inthe cold.

Top Picks - Kite Harness

Our top picks for kiteboarding harnesses.

Top Picks - Wing Harness

Our top picks for winhboarding harnesses.

Top Picks - Twintip Kiteboard

Our top picks for twin tip kiteboards, from our favorite, to the best value.

Top Picks - Parking Lot Gear

Our top picks gor essential gear that we use in the parking lot!

Top Picks - Fall Riding

Our top pick for fall/winter riding.