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Stay on the Water!
No one likes being grounded because of broken kite equipment.  Check out some of our top items below to help make sure this never happens to you.   A $10 item may not seem like a big deal now, but it could mean the difference between getting in one of your best sessions ever, or watching your friends have theirs.  Also be sure and sign up for our Facebook page to receive special offers, discounts, and see what we are up to. Sign up now and get a discount for 20% off any Mystic harness.

 Top Products to Keep You on the Water
PKS Kook Proof Pigtail Set
Nothing is worse than breaking a pigtail, and it actually happens more than you think.  This set not only attaches to your kite but also to the fly end lines to prevent wear from tying and untying your lines.
Ronstan Orbit Block
Almost the same exact size as a standard pulley but way stronger and longer lasting.  Broken pulley's can be a nightmare and the orbit block greatly decreases failures.

Naish Elite Waist Harness
Harnesses break down over time just from exposure to sun, sand, and water.  The Naish Elite is super comfy, includes the spreader bar and pad, and is half the price..  Makes a perfect backup.    $89.99
Tear Aid Bladder Patch
Bladders can easily get small pinholes or worse.  If you have some tear aid it is an easy problem to fix.  Also great for surfboard dings.

Kite Repair Tape
No Kiter should be without some repair tape.  Starting at just 50 cents there is no reason not to have some incase you get a small cut.  Both Dacron and Ripstop available.
Dakine Cool Tool
This is the perfect tool for travel or just to make sure you have everything you need in one spot.  Comes with attachments to assemble just about any kiteboard.
Dakine Tackle Box
The compact design is perfect for organizing all of your fins, repair tape, tools and even first aid equipment.  Perfect for a trip or just to have in the car.
ER Kite Repair Kit
This kit is an absolute no brainer to have in your bag. There is no excuse not to have this kit, because it has all the essentials for quick emergengy repairs.
 Brand New Kites, Blow Out Prices
2010 Airush Varial
Starting at $549  was $1493
2011 Cabrinha Switchblade
Starting at $912  was $1999
2011 Cabrinha Crossbow
Starting at $1112  was $2209
2011 Naish Park
Starting at $899  was $1699
Airush Vapor II 16m
Starting at $449.99  was $1729

2010 Slingshot RPM
Starting at $949.99  was $1679