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Surf Expo 2012
The team headed to Surf Expo 2012 in Orlando Florida last weekend.  To say this show is huge is an understatement.  We got a chance to check out all the new 2012 kites, boards, harnesses and accessories and there are some pretty cool new items and innovations.  Look below for just a few of the items that really stood out.

Local Update:
Looks to be ANOTHER windy weekend.  Saturday should see SE winds in the 15 to 20mph plus range dropping off just slightly for Sunday.  Tons of 2012 kites are in the shop and available for demo so be sure and check out the new gear.

FRESH GEAR FOR 2012 //////////


2012 Slingshot Surfboards
The new 2012 Slingshot Surfboards look sick.  Now offered with either Slingshots fast track or without inserts for all of those strapless riders out there.  These boards are incredibly light weight.  We can't wait to get these under our feet.  Truly impressed with the surf lineup for 2012.

See the new Slingshot
Surfboards in Action

2012 Wainman Rabbits
Wainman 2012 kites are finally here!!! Wainman has kept the same basic design that made them so popular in the first place and made huge improvements to the bar system.  More sizes have been added to the range and the kites have been tweaked to perform even better and be more durable. 

See the 2012 Kites in Action 

2012 Naish Alaia 5'9"
When Captain Cook discovered Hawaii in the 18th century, he and his crew witnessed surfing for the first time. True to its roots, the Alaia takes it back to where surfing began in Hawaii.  The Alaia shines in light wind. It has amazing upwind performance and is super fun to ride when the winds aren’t cranking.


See the 2012 Lineup in Action 

Dry Case
We found these cool little cases at the Surf Expo and are stoked to be carrying them.  You can even connect to your i-phone etc. through a stereo headphone jack while it is in the case.  Perfect for anyone wanting to stay connected while out on the water or just listen to some tunes. 

Starting at only

DryCase Video Review 

2012 Crazyfly Golf Bags
Crazyfly Golf bags are back in stock and re-designed for 2012.  Weighing in at a mere 8 lbs. 14 oz., the 155cm bag is the Lightest Golf Bag around, without sacrificing any Padding, Durability, or Style.  Incredibly strong No. 10 coil zippers, a protective flap around the entire zipper, and a Cordura exterior with a tarpaulin interior make this the highest quality travel bag available.  

Crazyfly Golf Bag Video Review  
2012 Ozone Reo
Brand new for 2012, the Reo was designed purely for the surf.  We have gotten quite a few sessions on all sizes of this kite and everyone has been impressed.  One of our top picks out of the 2012 pack for sure.  Super stable and solid in the air with fast turning.  Even though this kite is marketed towards waves, it is great for jumping and freestyle as well.  Three Struts, NO PULLEYS!!!

See the Reo in Action 
2012 Naish Park
The Park was an impressive kite in 2011 and the 2012 version improves on the proven design.  More low end power, a crisper more direct feeling, and a feel closer to a classic C-kite.  This is a kite that beginners to pro's love.  Great for freestlye, unhooked wakestyle, or waveriding.  A very versatile kite.  

See the Park in Action 
2012 Cabrinha Drifter
Another brand new design for 2012 aimed right at wave riders.   A light kite with 3 struts, Cabrinha claimes this kite loves to drift down the line.  High Depower, a simple bridle, stable, and quick turning should make this an excellent kite for the surf. 

See the Drifter in Action  
2012 Airush Razor
The Razor is one of the last true C-kites on the market.  Very precise, powerful, and a direct feel that always lets you know exactly where the kite is at.  This is a top pick of professional level riders for freestyle, wakestyle, and unhooked wave riding.  A pure C-kite for riders looking for high end performance without a lot of depower.

 See the Razor in Action  
  2012 Liquid Force Envy
A super popular kite from 2011, the 2012 Envy is back.  The main design has been kept very similar as this kite was so well liked.  A set it and forget it feel.  This kite can really do anything from wave riding, freestyle, or wakestyle.  Lightweight with only 3 struts, this kite is very stable and loves to drift down the line with you.  Great for beginners to advanced.

 See the Envy in Action  
2012 Liquid Force NRG
Brand new for 2012, the NRG is designed for power and speed.  For the guys looking to go bigger and faster this is a kite to check out.  Racing and hooked in big floaty jumps is the main target of the NRG.  We just got this kite in and have not gotten it on the water yet, but reports are that this kite has some crazy boosting ability. 

 See the NRG in Action