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Get the Most BANG for your BUCK
Looking for a new kite or board and not sure what to get?  Check below for a list of products tried and tested by the team and guaranteed to put a smile on your face for the long run.

  2010 Slingshot SX 131cm

Why we like it?
The SX is a great all around shape that works in lots of different conditions.  A medium amount of rocker makes this board fast and a great all around choice for lighter riders, or the perfect high wind board for the bigger guys.  At this price you really can't beat it.  Super durable, lightweight, and lots of pop.
Comes complete as pictured. Qty. is LIMITED

 Only $349.99
was $649.99
  2011 Airush Switch 130cm / 135cm / 138cm
Why we like it?
Lightweight, Nice Flex to eat up the chop, and a great shape. Quick to get up to plan and very easy to go upwind. We have had lots of riders from beginner to advanced jump on these and everyone likes them.  Not sure what to get and want to get one board that does everything at a great price?  This is your best option.   
Comes complete as pictured. Qty. is LIMITED

 Only $399.99
was $649.99
  2011 Crazyfly Raptor Pro 2011
Why we like it?
The Raptor has been the hands down favorite board of shop riders for years now.  We can ride anything, but the board we grab time after time is the Raptor. Brent, Jeff, Richard, and Patrick all love the Raptor.  Super lightweight carbon, lots of pop, flex in the tips but stiff in the center.  Simply put, if you have the money to spend buy this board and be happy forever. 

 Only $714 Complete
  2011 Airush Sector
Why we like it?
Jeff is still raving about his Sector and how fun it is to go "Kite Sailing".  The Sector goes upwind crazy fast but unlike raceboards it is fun and easy to ride. This board lets you go exploring and cover more ground than ever before. Cruise with a 10m when others are slogging on their 16m's. 

 Only $1039 (we know, but seriously it's worth it)
  2011 Liquid Force Envy 7m / 15m
Why we like it?
The Envy is super stable, fast turning, and just plan fun.  Great for waveriding, freestyle, cruising, and even unhooked wakestyle.  Perfect for beginner to advanced.  For anyone looking for a low cost light wind kite a 15m Complete for $999 is pretty hard to beat.

 7m Only $879
was $1499.9915m Only $999 was $1799.99
  2011 Cabrinha Switchblade

Why we like it?
Cabrinha's flagship kite.  The SB is rock solid in the air and very easy to relaunch making it ideal for beginners.  It has a lot of pop for unhooked or hooked in jumps, and wakestyle riders love it for its park it and forget flying character.  This is one of the most predictable kites we have ever flown.
4m / 10m / 11m / 16m

 Starting at $912
was $1999.99
  2011 Naish Park
Why we like it?
Fast turning and a feel similar to a classic C but with plenty of depower.  These are great for freestlye, wakestyle or waveriding.  Awesome kiteloops!!!

6m / 7m / 8m / 9m / 10m / 12m / 14m
 Starting at $899 was $1699.99
  2011 Liquid Force Luxury Harness 3.0

Why we like it?
Soft Neoprene inside is super comfy and prevents chaffing when riding without a wetsuit.  This is one of the most cush harnesses we carry.   High back support gives lots of support.  Nice simple design is easy to get on and off.

 Only $119.99
was $159.99
  2011 Dakine Pyro

Why we like it?
The Pyro is used by just about all of our team riders.  So what makes it so much better?  Unlike harnesses that just have one strap holding the bar down, Dakine uses 2 to keep it in place where you want it.  Lots of pre-curved built in shaping makes it super comfy, and the harness is very streamlined and clean looking without a lot of extra bulk.
 Only $229.95