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How to Pack:
Jeff gives us the run down on all the basics to keep your gear safe and avoid the airline fees where possible. 
Check out all of our travel bags here.

Weekend Wind Report:
This weekend looks to be great with SE winds in the 15 to 20mph range Saturday.  Should be great at Wildcat Park in Portland, TX. 

Events Coming Up:  Dead Bird Buggy Bash
The DBBB is a casual kite regatta held each November over the Thanksgiving holiday in Galveston Texas.  Anyone is welcome to join in on the fun.  The event runs from November 21 - 27th on East Beach, Galveston TX. 

Must Have Travel Items
These are a few of the items that we always take with us when traveling no matter what.  All have been tried and tested by the team. ER Patch Kit again brings you the latest and great kit to keep you kiting longer.  This Tear Aid patch kit includes 3 different sizes of pre cut and rounded Tear Aid patches that cover a multitude of repairs.  Use it to repair your Leading Edge or Strut bladder.  Use it to repair a slice or tear on your sail.

  PKS Kook Proof Pigtails
Pigtails are one of the most common wear points on your kite and nothing is worse than knowing you are swimming in (or missing out on riding time) because of a simple cheap part. We recommend replacing these once a year or at the first sign of wear.  A great item to have on hand just in case, especially if going on vacation.

  Crazyfly Golf Bag

The Crazyfly Golf Bags are designed to be as light as possible but still have padding everywhere you need it.  This saves weight and helps you stay under the magic 50 lb. weight limit to avoid crazy fees. 

Available in:
Ultra-lightweight version with backpack straps (No Wheels)
With Wheels (No backpack straps)

 $164.95 or $169.95 with wheels
  PKS Compression Bag

These bags are an absolute must if you travel.  They save tons of space and weight and are just much easier to carry around with you.  Designed by Jeff Howard, these bags will not tear when tightened way down because the compression strap goes all the way around.

"I can't imagine travelling without them.  These take up so much less space. I even use them as an everyday bag for my kites and they work great. " - Patrick

  Shred Ready Standard Half Cut
New Item!!! In Stock Now

When riding at a new spot, a helmet is never a bad idea just incase there are underwater objects you don't know about.  These Shred Ready helmets are brand new and some of the sharpest looking and most comfortable out there.  Multiple pads and a back dial allow for a custom fit and keep the helmet in place. 

  Ozone V24 Backpack with Laptop Case

The Ozone V24 (24 liter) daypack is ideal for carrying onto flights, work briefcase, or even school.  This is Jeff's new favorite bag for travel.  Everything Ozone puts out is of the highest quality and truly functional and this pack is no different.  If you are looking for a high quality bag that will last forever this is the ticket.   


Get Ready for Winter Cold Fronts with a smaller kite
Cold fronts are just starting to march through.  Now is a great chance to complete your quiver.  Complete 7m depowerable kites starting at just $699!!!