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Veterans Day Weekend Appreciation Sale:
Recieve 5% Off Now through Sunday: Enter code
To show our appreciation and support for our Veterans and Active Duty Military we are offering an extra 5% off now through Sunday.  Simply enter coupon code remember to recieve an additional 5% off of just about everything in the store.

Enter Coupon Code: remember to recieve an additional 5% Off


Double Your Fun:
When it really comes down to it, kiteboarding is all about having fun.  Here are some of our favorite products that are all about what's most important.  All of these products have been tried, tested, and approved by the team to give you the most bang for you buck.

Tip #1: Make sure you have a small kite ready for when the winds start to crank.  Winter brings strong winds and having a small high wind kite in your quiver can keep you on the water and having fun rather than missing a session.  Below are three options highly recommended by the team.  These also make great kites for the snow. 

Tip #2: Get a surfboard!!!  Nothing adds fun and variety into your quiver like a surfboard.  Surfboards let you ride in much lighter winds without having to bother with a huge kite, and unlike many beginners believe, surfboards are very easy to ride and any skill level will enjoy it.  Be sure and give riding without straps a try.  We know it might not make sense but it really is way more fun.   

Tip #3: Live in a light wind area?  Get a good kite for light winds and double or triple the days you get on the water. Many of today's companies have spent lots of time on 16m and 17m kites that actually turn fast and are fun to ride.  Several of our customers in light wind areas have been raving about these new kites ability to get them out having fun on the water. 

Tip #4: If you are into freestyle riding, cruising, and a bit of everything don't get a board geared specifically towards wakestyle and riding super powered up.  While these boards can be a blast for specific riders in flat water and high winds they can be frustrating in normal everyday conditions because the extreme rocker slows the board down making it difficult to get upwind in less than ideal conditions.  Below are three of our favorite all around twins that are sure to put a smile on any kiteboarder's face.  These boards are high performance but can handle a huge variety of conditions.

Tip #5: Sometimes it's the little things that matter.  Accessories can make your life easier and keep you on the water.  We have the biggest selection of accessories in stock and ready to ship.  These also make perfect gifts. 

HN Watershades:
Late Summer is when UV indexes are at their highest. Many kiteboarders never even think about it but we get a huge dose of UV exposure out on the water. Grab a pair of these glasses and protect your eyes so you can keep kiteboarding into your golden years. Not only will your eyes feel better but you can now see where you are going when the sun is in just the wrong angle.
-Polarized: 100% UVA and UVB Protection
-They Float!!!!

Only $38.95


PKS Changing Towel
This compression bag is large enough to fit most kites, including your gigantic light wind kite.  Like the Dakine compression bag, this bag weighs less than the standard kite backpack to provide protection for your kite during travel while reducing weight.  Unlike the Dakine bag, the PKS Compression Bag has reinforced compression straps that no longer stress the material, but instead are sewn through the bag all the way around.  You get a better compression with no chance of ripping the bag open.

Only $17.95


PKS Changing Towel
The PKS Changing Towel lets you quickly change clothes for your next kiteboarding session without waisting time or getting arrested for indecent exposure.  The simple design is hand-crafted in the U.S. and reinforced in all the right areas to make sure it lasts.  The Changing Towel also makes a great gift for any water sports enthusiast. 

Only $34.95

  HitchSafe: Trailer Hitch Lock Box

After having these for months now at, everyone at the shop that has a hitch has a Hitchsafe. Super simple and easy to install. Provides a safe spot to stash your keys, credit, cash etc. Also really handy for storing a spare key for those of us who have a habit of leaving the keys in the car (or have friends who do). Fits any standard hitch on all cars. We really can't say enough about these.

Only $69.95 

FixMyKite ER Fix Kit

Most people don't know it but here at we have one of the longest running kite repair businesses in the U.S. This kit is an absolute must for any traveling kiteboarder. It includes everything you need to make quick fixes to your kite on all the areas that most commonly break down. This is the gear than most of us keep in the car just incase something goes wrong so we don't miss a session.

Only $49.95


Don't be a windmeter-less kiteboarder! These things last forever and are so handy for knowing what the wind is really blowing. Prevent going out when there is too much or too little wind and great for picking out the right size kite to pump up. Jeff has had his for over 8 years now!!! So small they can fit in your pocket or kite bag.

Starting at $59.95

Metal Shaft Pumps:

Not having one or two extra pumps in the car can lead to disaster. Any kiteboarder will tell you, getting out of work early to ride, only to find you pump is broke and now you have to wait for your friend to show up sucks. Grab one or two of these pumps on special now and don't find out the hard way

Starting at $24.95 was $29.95

We are looking for highly motivated, hard working individuals, looking for a full time career in the kiteboarding industry.  For anyone interested please email

Dead Bird Buggy Bash 

Join Jeff out at the Dead Bird Buggy Bash on Galveston Island.

The Dead Bird Buggy Bash - DBBB - is a casual, no-schedule, no-races kite buggy regatta held each November over the Thanksgiving holiday in Galveston Texas. Started as an annual holiday retreat for local kite buggy riders, this growing event follows no criteria or format other than to enjoy kite buggying with friends new and old and promote kite traction in a friendly and safe environment. Buggy pilots, landborders, kitesurfers, sport kiters and traditional kite enthusiasts are all welcome. Be sure to attend the potluck dinner on the beach Thanksgiving day.  Click here for more details