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2010 Cabrinha Crossbow Package
Get Brand New 2010 Cabrinha Crossbow's at 25% off
and Add a complete kiteboard starting at only $149!!!!

Cabrinha Crossbows have been flying out the door this week and everyone has been super stoked to get their hands on such a fast, high performance kite.  This is possibly the best deal we have ever run on such a high quality kite. Because of popular demand we are introducing two new packages featuring the 2010 Crossbow and boards for every style and level of riding. 
2010 Crossbow HP Package
Buy a 2010 Crossbow for 25% Off
Get a Cabrinha Custom or SS Lunacy kiteboard for $149
2010 Crossbow Big Strong Man Package
Buy a 2010 Crossbow for 25% Off
Get a 2010 SS SX 143 or Ignition 150 kiteboard for $299

 OVER $2000 OFF 
Add a Complete Kiteboard for only $149.00
  OVER $2000 OFF 
Add a Complete Kiteboard for only
Just need the kite?
2010 Crossbows still available for over $400 OFF 
All sizes and colors in Stock!!!
CALL 361-883-1473   starting at only $1233.95 was $1649
PKS Handy-Dandy Self Launch Tool Video
Our one of a kind self launch tool has been successfully used by hundreds of kiters all over the world.  A heavy duty, clean and simple design makes this something every kiteboarder needs.  Check out the video online to see it in Action.
Click here to see the VIDEO 3 Shirt Deal
3 Shirts for only $25

With the temperature heating up all over the U.S. everyone could use some more T-shirts.  Simply tell us what size you want and 3 shirts will be in the mail and at your door.  Ship time in the Cont. U.S. is usually just 2-3 days.

 Only $25.00
was $45.00

Slingshot Hammerhead Pro Spreader Bar System
This smart design, attaches the spreader bar to a handlepass loop that goes around your back to prevent leash wrap.  The leash release is placed on the spreader bar with a Quick Draw Pin so the release is always in the same location for a fast pull.  On most other systems the release is on the leash making it difficult to find and pull in certain situations.  A great system for those practicing handle passes, or wave riders, where a   fast leash release is recommended.

Includes: Stainless Steel Spreader bar, Bungee Kite Leash, Quick Draw Pin, Handle Pass rope

NOTE: Fits all Standard Dakine harnesses

 Only $45.00 was $120

Cabrinha WBA Footstraps
For the price these straps can't be beat.  Unlike other low cost straps, these straps feature tons of cushioning and can be adjusted from both sides.   Works with any standard twintip. 

Sold in Pairs

 Only $29.95 was $79.99
Slingshot Peel and Stick Foot Pads
These Foot Pads are on special. They have so many uses not just for your Twin Tip Boards. We have people buying these Peel and Stick SlingShot SX Foot Pads to put on their Skim Boards, Kiteboards, Boat Decks, SkateBoards, Surf Boards for kicker pads, To many uses to list.

Sold in Pairs

 Only $6.99 was $30.00
Slingshot Lock-n-Load Chickenloop Q-release System
The Slingshot Lock-n-Load Q-release system is one of the cleanest, easiest to use chicken loops on the market and is a favorite.  Even if you don't need it right now, this is a great time to stock up and get one or two spares to keep on hand. 

Features: Lock-n-load release, lock-tube, adjustable chicken loop diameter, 5 ft rope length.

 Only $45.00
was $75.00
2008 Crazyfly Cruiser Pro
Cruiser Pro is a light wind machine. This new version is a very speedy board and offers a lot of fun even during low wind riding. Our precisely developed construction gives this board easy early planning ability even in very light winds.

Get ready for the light late summer winds with this great lightwind freestyle MACHINE.  This is our top pick for anyone wanting to do some freestyle in light winds. 

 Only $449.00 was $720

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