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   O'Neill Gooru GBS 2mm Spring
Has the chill started to get to you down?  Fight back with the best spring suit we have every tried for almost 1/2 off! This is the most stretchy and lightweight springsuit on the market, and now you can get one for the price of a cheapo, bare bones stiff suit.  Grab one fast, this deal is so good it might not make it through the whole week before our inventory is completely wiped out. 
BUY NOW Only $89.99
was $169.99  47% OFF

  NEW!!! Travel Mugs
These cool little travel mugs just arrived at our shop and they turned out great.  16oz Stainless steel outer shell, double wall inner liner insulation, plastic lid with spill prevention slide lock, and a sharp logo.  Perfectly designed to take on the road on your next kiteboarding adventure, or just take it to work and show everyone at the water cooler who is the coolest employee in the building.

The BEST kiteboarding mug ever produced!!!! (and possibly the only)
Only $9.95
100 km/h Speed Record Set.  Click here and check out the video
Alex Caizergues, F-One Kiteboarding,  has officially set a new outright World Speed Sailing Record at 54.10 knots during his 1st run at 15h38 yesterday afternoon in Luderitz, Namibia.  For the first time ever, the 100km/h barrier with a sail has been broken. Alex left his closest competitor almost 2kts behind. Unbelievable. Congratulations Alex!

Having the right cold weather gear can make the difference between getting in some amazing sessions and progressing, or making excuses and cutting sessions short.  It is amazing how much suits have progressed in the past 5 years.  Super stretchy, warm, and amazingly light weight.  Our advice, don't skimp, the better more expensive suits are warmer, more flexible and will let you ride longer without feeling cold.  It is one if not the only item you will buy that will be used for the next 5 years or more.  Staying comfortably warm and being able to move makes it so much more fun.  With today's wetsuit technology you truly can ride in extremely cold weather for hours and have a blast.   Below are a few of our top picks too keep you on the water all winter long. 
Click here to check out the full selection of fresh 2011 wetsuits and accessories
Neil Pryde Heatlock Beanie
It is amazing the difference keeping your head warm makes.  We love wearing these during the strong cold fronts that blow through Corpus Christi.  Unlike a full hood that restricts your movement and just feels plane weird, these heatlock beanies are super comfy and do not hinder your movement.   There is a inner rubber segment on the rim that really makes it stay in place and prevents it from riding up like some other brands .  This is a fully endorsed, tested by, and chosen product of the team and employee riders.

O'NEILL 3mm DL Psycho Gloves
When the temperature really starts to drop gloves can become a must.  We have found these gloves to be super warm while being thin enough griping the bar is easy and not super tiring like with some other thicker gloves.  What really sets these gloves apart is the fully sealed seams.  We have used these gloves when temperatures were hovering around freezing and a few snow flurries were seen in the air and our hands stayed warm.  Lots of other gloves are either way to bulky, or just don't stay warm, but these really work. 

  Neil Pryde Heatlock Beanie
Hate the feeling of booties but having problems with your feet feeling like big blocks of concrete from the cold air and water?  Get a pair of these.  The next best thing to not wearing booties, but they keep your feet nice and warm even in cold weather.  After Patrick tried a pair of these out a couple of years ago he is still raving about how good they are.  Super warm and you can still feel your board.
"These booties rock. If you ever tried to fit your feet into kiteboarding bindings with normal soled booties, you'll know that it is almost impossible. These booties make all the difference! I am recommending these to all my fellow kiteboarding buddies." -Kiteaid , Customer
Neil Pryde Psychofreak ST Booties
This is the ultimate pair of boots to get if you need something for some seriously cold water.  Air bubble infused neoprene means you can wear a thinner boot and a liquid seal keeps all of your precious body heat in and the cold out.  If you need to wear a 5/4mm suit or thicker on a regular basis this is the booties to get. 


Cool Water Wetsuits
These suits are super stretchy and are normally in the 3/2mm thickness.  If you live in the Southern U.S. this will be the only suit you really need unless you plan on riding in those few days when the air temperature drops into the low 50's or below.   Ankle vents were introduced a couple years ago to keep water from building up in your ankles from the constant spray while kiteboarding and they are great for keeping this annoying problem from happening.  The new NPX 3QTR leg really solves the problem by cutting the leg off right below the knee.  If you really don't plan on kiteboarding much after the air drops below 60 degrees or so less expensive suits like the Hyperflex Access  and NPX Cult  will work fine.  Spending more means features that keep you warmer and more stretchy materials.   Features such as fully glued and sealed seams are not absolutly necessary but will make you warmer and keep you warmer longer so the suit can be used in a bigger range of conditions.  Also be sure and grab a beanie, they really do make a big difference. Below are three of our favorite cool water wetsuits.
2011 NPX Assassin
 $259.99 normally $290
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2011 Hyperflex AMP K (Wind) 3/2mm

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 2011 NPX Assassin 4/3mm 3QTR

  $259.99 normally $290
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Cold Water Wetsuits
Cold water wetsuits just keep getting better.  The main thing when purchasing a suit for truly cold water and air temperatures is to make sure you get something good with fully glued and sealed seams to keep the cold water and wind out.  These suits will start off at a price of at least $250.  If you plan on riding in some seriously cold conditions it is well worth paying extra to get a good high quality suit.  These suits are way warmer and more stretchy which gets more important as temperatures drop and thicknesses increase. While it may be tempting to get the cheapest super thick wetsuit you can find, having super cold water rush through un-sealed seams is no ones idea of fun, and you want a suit you can rely on even if you end up having to make a swim.  Features such as a front zip can really help keep the water out and make the suit that much warmer.  Also having a attachable hood like on the O'Neill Mutant makes the suit more versatile and a full hood makes a huge difference once air temps get into the low 40's or below. 
2011 NPX Zealot
4/3 , 5/4/3 , 6/5/4 hooded

  starting @ $329.99
Hyperflex Amp K (Wind)
4/3 , 5/3  Bck Zip or Frt Zip 
  starting @ $249.99
O'Neill Mutant
4/3 , 5/4
  starting @ $329.99