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What to Wear?
Wearing the right equipment can make or break any snowkiting session.  One of the most beneficial steps you can take is layering.   A base layer and outer shell is perfect for most days, and you can always add on a mid-layer for the really cold days.  Remember with snowkiting there is no time wasted standing in line or riding the lifts so don't overdress and overheat.  For gloves get something that is flexible enough to let you still firmly grip the bar and feel where the kite is at.  If it is truly cold mitts will provide the most warmth by keeping your fingers close together and preserving body heat.  You may lose some dexterity but it is better than having two frozen hands.  Many riders like to wear a thin layering set of gloves under the mitts and attach their mitts to their jacket so they can quickly take them off for rigging the kite or adjusting a binding without having to worry about losing them.  Lastly, be sure and get a warm snow specific helmet and a good pair of goggles.  Unlike water kiting, the snow can hide lots of unknown obstacles especially when you are exploring new territory plus a helmet will provide way more warmth. 

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 Product Watch
  UltraNectar Snowkite Jacket
Since the beginning of Kiteboarding and snowkiting UltraNectar has been the outerwear and apparel leader in the kite world and produces the highest quality, most functional equipment for hardcore athletes riding in extreme conditions.   A vertical zipper lets your wear a harness underneath with the spreader bar hook coming out, or close it up if you are using it without a kite. Detachable Hood to adjust to severe or friendly conditions.   The integrated hand warmer cuffs are a great addition when needing to keep the core of your hands warm while working on smaller things like tangled kite lines. Stretch panels under the arms allow the rider more freedom of mobility in all riding situations.  For any serious snowkiters out there this is the ultimate jacket by a company that has been around since the beginning. Highly recommended by the snowkite test team.  This is the most well thought out snowkite jacket we have seen.
Huge selection of colors. - Limited Edition (only 250 produced) - Made in the U.S.A.
  Slingshot Snowkite Gloves
Stretchy and durable with a low profile performance fit, these gloves are made specifically for keeping hands warm while gripping onto a kite bar.  Features include a precurved grip, PVC powergrip palm material, Hipora waterproof breathable inserts, amica synthetic leather reinforced patches in high wear areas, and wrist cinch closure.  These have been very popular this year and we have been getting lots of positive feedback from our customers and employees whether they are using them for snowkiting or cruising down the slopes.  At only $19.95 you will not find a better glove for even twice the price.
was $39.95
  Mystic Blazer Waist/Seat Snowkite Harness
For anyone that is seriously into snowkiting, or just wants to be as comfortable as possible, the Mystic Blazer is the way to go.  Kiters looking to get into throwing big soaring jumps will find a snowkite harness is a must to prevent the spreader bar from riding up into your ribs during extended flights with the kite above your head. 
What's different?
-Mesh Material breaths under jackets and there is less absorption of snow so it won't freeze.
-Longer Hook makes it more accessible for hooking/unhooking when under a jacket.
-Lower hook point and seat design to keep the harness in place during long flights.

 $112.95 was $159.95  INCLUDES SPREADER BAR/PAD!!!
  2010 Dakine Renegade Waist Harness  
For those that prefer a waist harness the Dakine Renegade is our choice for the best waist snow harness due to its low profile, super lightweight design.  Unlike some other harnesses that can be bulky, the Renegade provides a nice soft interior that will not provide lots of unwanted bulk under your jacket, and it is great for kiteboarding on the water as well.  This is one of the most popular harnesses with the team riders both on the snow and the water.  The dual powerbelt system used only by Dakine keeps the spreader bar in place better than any other system out there. On sale now until we are out, get one to replace your old harness or as a backup for the water that is ideal on the snow. 
"Customer Favorite - 5 Star Rating" 
was $110.00 
  Ozone Pure Snowkite in a Box
Looking for something to get you out and snowkiting in that big field across the street as fast as possible?  Here is the solution.  Everything you need is included: kite, control bar/lines, leash, harness.  Just add any snowboard or skis and start cruising around and having fun.   The Pure can also be used in the summer with mountainboards, buggies, or skateboards for fun recreational flying when the wind isn't quite strong enough to kite on the water.  A great way to get into the sport.
Includes: 4m Kite, Bar, pure harness, stuff bag, instructional DVD, Manual
was $499
  How To Snowkite Instructional DVD
This is the definitive instructional how to DVD to learn everything about snowkiting from equipment, riding techniques, safety, riding in different terrain and wind conditions.  Super high quality footage and graphics go through everything step by step.  This is not something you will watch once and forget about as is goes very in depth with all the details that make a difference. It even covers what to wear, and how to pick out the perfect gear for specific conditions.  Both foils and inflatables are covered in great detail. Watch one part, go out a practice and then move on to the next.  For anyone new to snowkiting, even if you already kiteboard on the water, this is a super helpful tool that will get you progressing faster and having a funner, easier time on the snow. 
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  $34.95 was $49.95