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Why Pay More?
Can you tell the difference between a 2010 kite for $999 and a 2011 kite for $1899?  In many cases, probably not.  If you don't have the cash to get a 2011 kite then grab one of our excellent 2010 kites at a huge discount.  In just about every case a 2010 kite uses the same material and build construction as a 2011, and they are super stable, easy to relaunch, have lots of depower, and will make any kiteboarder happy. We want to let everyone know that if you are planning on getting some 2010 gear on closeout now is the time.  Unlike previouse years there is less of last years stock around, so we will be selling out sooner than normal.   The new 2011 gear is great, but if you need to save money now is the time to stock up and be ready for spring.  

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Out Top Picks from 2010....
Below are three of our top picks from 2010 sure to make any level and style of rider happy. KB team rider top rated kites (this is what we ride)  
Airush Lithium
Starting at $649
-Super Stable
-All Around Performance
-Waves / Light Wind

Compare to SS Rally or
F-One Bandit 
Airush Varial
Starting at $649
-Easy Relaunch
-High Performance
-Fast / Great Jumper

Compare to SS Rally or
Ozone Catalyst 
  Slingshot Octane
Starting at $749
-Easy Relaunch
-High Performance
-Fast / Great Jumper

Compare to SS Rally or 
Ozone Catalyst

2010 Airush Sector 60
This is the best lightwind, go sailing and explore a new area kiteboard we have ever tried.  The upwind angle you can take on this board is just nuts. 

 $698.99 was $989 
2010 Slingshot Darko
New FASTRACK mounting system. 
 Perfect freestlye/wakestyle board for any riding condition. Lots of POP!!!

 $349  was $679
2010 Crazy Fly Raptor Pro
High Performance
This is a kb team rider favorite and is the most sought after board we sell. Did we mention Full Carbon?

 $564.95 was $719
2010 LiteWave Spirit
All Around/Great in chop
This is possibly the best all around kiteboard we have on closeout. Lightweight and flexible so it eats up chop

 $349 was $669

Starbuck's Snowflake Kites Commercial
Click here to check out the making of that cool snowflake kite commercial that has been all over the place.  Really neat to see where kites can take you.  Congratulations Blake!!!!
Want a snowflake kite of your own? 
Click here
Easy to assemble and flies in light winds so this makes a great gift and a fun activity for parents and kids to do together. All models are back in stock and ready to ship. 

Starting at just