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Deal of the Week:
Slingshot Water Shirts
What's comfier than wearing a nice water wicking, ultra quick dry jersey material water shirt during those warm summer days?  We don't know, but you should grab one of these now to find out why we love them so much... [click to continue]
50% OFF
Turn ANY used kite into $200 cash towards a new 2011 kite
That's right.  Many of you have asked, so here it is.  Trade in any kite and recieve $200 towards a 2011 kiteboarding water kite.  Simply select your 2011 kite online, enter coupon code: tradein, and let us do the rest.   Even if it is ripped or so old you don't want anyone using it don't worry about it.  We will use it for parts, make bags..  [click to continue] 
Rules apply. To learn how it all works click here.

 What's New?  
2011 Go Pro HD is Here!!!!

The Brand New GoPro surf  Hero HD's are in!!!!  We have gotten to play around with them for a few days now and the picture quality is nuts.  We highly recommend the Surf Hero if you want to take pics and vids while kiteboarding.  It comes with all of the mounting options you need for water use with a kiteboard or surfboard. 

[Click here to check it out]
  2011 Slingshot Tyrant 

For anyone serious about wave riding be sure and check out the Tyrant.  A lot of new technology such as Parabolic Carbon Rails and WVS Bamboo Construction has gone into this board making it super snappy and responsive. 

[Click here to check it out]