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2011 Surfboards are HERE!!!
Whether you are a dedicated wave rider or just looking for a way to have fun in lighter winds we have the board that will make your season seem so much better.  Kite surfboards have gone through some major changes in the past couple of years and are now stronger, lighter, and ride smoother than ever.  Even if your backyard doesn't have perfect waves a surfboard can add some serious fun, variety, and the ability to ride in lighter winds than you ever thought possible. 
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 A few of our top picks...
2010 Slingshot Verve 
-All Around, do anything shape
-Quad Fin - fast and smooth
-Strapped or strapless riding
-Excels in mushy onshore surf
-Size: 6'0" x 19.5"
was $749  (Ltd. Qty)
  2011 F-One Fish
-Small Waves, Freestyle
-Wide-Light wind, easy upwind
-Strapped or strapless riding
-Small, Maneuverable
-Size: 5'2", 5'4", 5'6"
  2011 Slingshot Tyrant
-High Performance, Pro Model
-All Around Shape
-Tri-Fin-Pivotal Turning
-High Tech Carbon Rails
-Size: 6'1", 6'2"
2011 Airush Choptop
-Compact Shape
-Low end of a longer board 
-Good in any condition
-Strapped or Strapless riding
-Size: 5'2", 5'6"