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 What you get:

- GoPro HD Hero Naked
- 1 Flat, 3MTM Adhesive Mount
- 1 Curved, 3MTM Adhesive Mount
- 1 Horizontal Surface Quick-Release Buckle
- 1 Vertical Surface J-Hook Buckle
- 1 Thumb Knob with Nut and Bolt
- 1 Pivot Arm Assembly
- 1 Quick-Release/Vibration Plug
- 1 Leash Tether


GoPro HD Hero Naked with a FREE Grab Bag of Mounts:

This limited time offer was put together to help you show your skills in the most profressional point-of-view camera on the market.  The GoPro camera is the industry standard for action sports self photography and video.  This is the absolute best way to show your family, friends, and even just a random person on the street how good you are.  As always offer expires in 24 hours and supply is limited. 
  The 2011 Slingshot Lunacy Mega Edition:
New for 2011 the Lunacy Mega is straight from Slingshot's proving grounds.  Influenced by the one and only Ruben Lenten to really amplify his uniquely "MEGA" riding style!  We finally got our hands on some of these boards and we can't wait to get some to you. 

-Lighter Future Response Technology
-Radioactive Pop Core
-Single Shot Fusion Sidewall
-Fastrack and Custom Culture Graphics

Board with pads/straps/fins from $599.00
2010 Naish Custom Fish 5'4" Kite Surfboard:
Naish did it right when they made this kite surfboard.  It is incredibly versatile, excelling in many different conditions where a longer board can't cut it.  It can be used on a light wind day on flat water, or in the small to medium surf and cut through wind swell and chop.  This quad fin set up can be ridden strapped or strapless adding to it's already impressive versatility.

-EPS Core shaped by hand
-Leading premium construction technology
Complete board at $549
  The 2010 Slingshot RPM:
Great kite at a great price.  Speed and power for constant hooked in or unhooked performance.  What more can be said about it?  A brand new kite at a price that makes you think we're crazy.  You are welcome.
Complete kite starting at $1100