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Ozone Squirt
1.2m only $39.95  / /  1.5m only
These kites are very easy to launch, fly, and handle.  Makes a great gift for anyone looking to have some fun with a trainer kite.  The perfect solution for a low cost trainer that still flies great.  Simply take the lines off of the handles and tie the lines onto any bar you can come up with.  Dowel rods, broom handles, and lots of other cheap items can be easily made into a kite bar for this trainer. Made by Ozone, you know it is quality you can trust. 
Complete w/bag, fly lines, handles  -  Ready 2 Fly
 1.2m Complete $39.95 / 1.5m Complete only $49.95

2010 Slingshot
Fuel 13m Complete
ONLY $969 OVER 50% OFF
Slingshot's legendary 9th generation Fuel sets the bar for all other C-kites.  Incredibly powerful, stable, and fast turning.  This is the kite of choice for freestyle experts.
was $1999
Progression DVD
enter code: progress
Progression DVD's are by far the best instructional DVD's out there. Step-by-Step instructions and trick break downs to learn just about anything. 
  15% OFF
2011 Slingshot Lunacy Mega 
132 x 41cm B  
One of the most popular boards for 2011, we got lucky and grabbed a few of these boards with slight cosmetic blemishes. Jump on this deal fast and you can be riding a top of the line 2011 board without paying the top of the line price.
 $499.99 was $699.99
  Liqud Force
Comp Strap/Pad Kit
Considered by many to be the best pads money can buy.  This is the most comfortable set of straps/pads you will ever slip your feet in! LF Lace-Lock system makes for easy on the fly adjustment.
 $89.99 was $169.99