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Those of you who know Jeff, know that he is a no nonsense type of guy.  Let him tell you what he thinks about the 2010 Slingshot RPM.  He won't steer you wrong, plus you get to watch his hands do all of the talking. Click here to watch.
If you're still not convinced by listening to Jeff, check out this video of the RPM in action.  Youri Zoon showing off all the techincal aspects of this sick kite.  If this doesn't convince you that you need this kite, then we are out of ideas.  Except to say "you need this kite".  Click here to watch.

The Slingshot RPM delivers maximum versatility without sacrificing an ounce of performance. The highly tunable and compact bridle system is framed by the open “C” canopy giving the RPM chameleon like capability of a kite that can excel at unhooked freestyle riding, yet transform in condition to hit the freeride wave and terrain park.  And also, it's super cheap.  I mean seriously, how have you not already clicked on the image to go buy this.  The quantity is limited and they will not last long.  You need this kite, so buy it now before the chance is gone forever.
         Original Retail Price: $1679.99         While Supplies Last: $949.99

Top 4 Accessories You Cannot Live Without.
Voted on by the Crew 

The Skins Rashguard from Oneill is a must have for any kiteboarder who has long session in the sunshine.  This rashguard is UV treated to keep your skin looking good and protected from the sun's harmful rays.
We've shown this to you before, but hear us out.  This bag will save you so much space, it's crazy.  If you trust us at all, and we're pretty sure you  do, think hard about this bag.  It's a great buy that will keep serving you time after time. 
And here we have Jeff holding a carabiner.  But wait, it's not just any old carabiner.  In fact, it has been modified into an incredible self-launch tool.  Now you don't always need a buddy to launch your kite, you can launch yourself.  Secret spots are yours to keep.
The Hitch-Safe, most of couldn't believe we have lived so long without this item.  It's a lifesaver everytime we use it.  If you want to know what peace of mind feels like, then get yourself a hitch-safe.  You won't even bother looking back at your vehicle while you're riding.

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