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Progression DVD
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Progression DVD's are by far the best and most informative instructional DVD's out there.  Extremely detailed with all the little things that make a huge difference whether you are trying to make your first upwind run, or land some of the hardest tricks out there. Packed with over 2.5 hours of info these DVD's will have you going back over and over again as you progress.  Tricks and basic skills are broken down step by step so you can learn something new and go out and practice until you get it down.
Only $26.95 was $34.95
Wearing an impact vest and helmet is never a bad idea when learning new tricks and can give you that little bit of extra confidence needed to go for it.
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2011 Mystic D3O Impact Vest
For anyone that does not know what D3O is be sure and check out the videos tab of this product.  This is one of the least restrictive impact vests we have and offers protection for the chest, back and sides.  Made completely of soft glide skin neoprene, this vest is nice and flexible so it won't get in the way of anything you want to do.


Protec Ace Water Helmet
The Protec Ace Water is our best selling helmet and what we have used for years.  Jeff has had one for over 10 years now and it is still going strong!  Specially designed foam that does not absorb water and is soft and cushy to fit just right.  High-density ABS shell for durability, and dual density EVA foam lining for impact protection.    

  Protec Ace Wake Helmet
The Protec Ace Wake helmet has the same shell and inner dual density EVA foam as the Ace Water, but has a few extra features that some riders really like.  Attachable, low-profile perforated ear pads give extra protection and warmth without impeding hearing. Also an adjustable support piece for the back of the head gives a better customized fit and can prevent the helmet from wobbling around.