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Happy 4th of July!!!
We would like to wish everyone a great July 4th weekend and take a moment to thank our service men and women.   Special hours Monday from 9:00 A.M. to 2:00 P.M. so everyone at can get out and enjoy some fireworks with friends and family.  This weekend looks to be another windy one with SE winds in the 15-20mph range so you know where to find us. To celebrate the 4th we have dropped the price of the
2011 Rally by over $300!!!  From waveriding one day to throwing down some freestyle in the flats the next the Rally really excels at everything. 


The Freedom Deal!
Brand new for a limited time only! Happy Independence Day, we're looking to share our pride in our country's decision to be free. So we are passing the feeling along to our loyal customers! This weekend only, if you spend over $100 you get to choose from any of these items for FREE!

After you've selected a product or combination of products over $100, you apply for the FREEDOM DEAL.  You simply select any ONE of these items in the product options and proceed to checkout.  While checking out you must enter the coupon code freetochoose

July 4th Blowout... 
More Great Deals for the 4th

2010 Rocky Pro
$449.95 was $775

 2010 Cab. Custom
$239.00 was $719

2010 Cab. Rival
$279.95 was $519 

2010 SS RPM
$949.99 was $1679

2010 Naish Elite
$89.99 was $169

2010 Naish SLE Bar
$299.99 was $349

 Products We Recommend
HitchSafe: Hitch LockBox
Just to give you an idea of how great this product is, just about every employee at has one.  Super secure and easy to use. 
Dakine Tackle Box
The compact design is perfect for organizing all of your fins, repair tape, tools and even first aid equipment.  Perfect for a trip or just to have in the car.
Ronstan Orbit Block
Almost the same exact size as a standard pulley but way stronger and longer lasting.  Broken pulley's can be a nightmare and the orbit block greatly decreases failures.
Nu Dolphin MP3
These are by far the best waterproof MP3's we have tried.  High sound quality and very reliable.  Super tiny and lightweight.  Ideal for kiteboarding, jogging, swimming.
Go Pro Surf Hero HD
Documenting your adventure's has never been easier.  Take it anywhere.  What we like so much with this model is the ease of use and high quality footage.
Go Pro LCD BacPac
One of the coolest new accessories, now you can see if your frame is lined up right without getting out of the water. Very useful for shooting video of your friends.  

Go Pro Kite line Mount
This mount lets you attach your Go Pro Camera right onto your lines.  Gives one of the best angles to show exactly what is going on.  Fits virtually any 4 or 5 line bar.
PKS Changing Towel
We have been using these for years to quickly change after work.  For any addicted kiters this is a must have item. Hand made in the U.S. and reinforced in all the right areas.
Dakine Cool Tool
This is the perfect tool for travel or just to make sure you have everything you need in one spot.  Comes with attachments to assemble just about any kiteboard.
HN Watershades
Easily adjustable and 100% UVA and UVB protection.  These stay in place better than any other model we have tried and keep water spray out. 
PKS Kook Proof Pigtail Set
A complete 8 piece set to completly replace your pigtails. 4 attach to the kite and 4 attach to your lines to prevent a common point of wear.  We recommend replacing once a year or at first sign of wear.
PKS Line Extensions
Playing around with line length can have a huge effect on your kites performance.  These extensions with sewn loops let you quickly experiment and see what works best for you.
 Starts @ $29.95
PKS Lock Tube
This lock tube functions the same as lock tubes that come standard with most modern bar setups.  More durable than the standard setup attached to chickenloops.
DK Compression Bags
A must have product for anyone travelling.  Saves weight and room but still provides protection from sail cuts and keeps everything organized

$59.95 (set of 4)
LF Wheeled Golf Travel
A nice, compact simple design saves weight and has plenty of pockets and cinch straps to make packing easy. 

ER Kite Repair Kit
This kit is an absolute no brainer to have in your bag. There is no excuse not to have this kit, because it has all the essentials for quick emergengy repairs.