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Lots of bridled kites have been coming out recently and several customers have been asking what the difference is.  Jeff gives us the scoop on what pulleys do for a kite and some basics of bridle and kite design.   Have a question about kiteboarding gear or technique?  Let us know and we will be more than happy to help you out.  If you lucky we might even make a video on it.

Local Update:
Looks to be another NUKING weekend with SE winds in the 20 to 30mph range!!! Seriously if anyone needs a quick, cheap kiteboarding trip come to Corpus.  Dry weather has given us some of the most consistent winds we have seen with just about every day blowing the in 18 to 25mph range.  Hotels here are very reasonable and tons of riding spots are within a 1/2 hour from Corpus Christi International Airport.  Need any help planning your trip?  Just give us a call or shoot over an email.


Top 10 Items Every Kiteboarder Needs...
So you've got you kite, board and harness and show up to the beach.  Here is a list of the top 10 items we think every kiteboarder should never be without.  These are the products we use day in and day out and now don't know how we lived without them.

HN Watershades:
Late Summer is when UV indexes are at their highest.  Many kiteboarders never even think about it but we get a huge dose of UV exposure out on the water. Grab a pair of these glasses and protect your eyes so you can keep kiteboarding into your golden years.  Not only will your eyes feel better but you can now see where you are going when the sun is in just the wrong angle.  
-Polarized: 100% UVA and UVB Protection
-They Float!!!!

Only $38.95 Water Jersey:

Tired of burning up this time of year wearing a normal rashguard?  At we designed these rashguards for kiteboarding in the hottest climates where you need to keep the sun off but stay cool.  Sure you can just wear a normal T-shirt but they get freaking heavy the first time you fall in.  Made of fast drying, Jersey material, these water shirts stay lightweight and cool.  

Available in Long Sleeve or Short Sleeve

   Only $32.00

FixMyKite ER Fix Kit

Most people don't know it but here at we have one of the longest running kite repair businesses in the U.S.  This kit is an absolute must for any traveling kiteboarder.  It includes everything you need to make quick fixes to your kite on all the areas that most commonly break down.   This is the gear than most of us keep in the car just incase something goes wrong so we don't miss a session.

 Only $49.95


Don't be a windmeter-less kiteboarder!   These things last forever and are so handy for knowing what the wind is really blowing.  Prevent going out when there is too much or too little wind and great for picking out the right size kite to pump up.  Jeff has had his for over 8 years now!!!  So small they can fit in your pocket or kite bag. 

 Starting at $59.95

Metal Shaft Pumps:

Not having one or two extra pumps in the car can lead to disaster.  Any kiteboarder will tell you, getting out of work early to ride, only to find you pump is broke and now you have to wait for your friend to show up sucks.  Grab one or two of these pumps on special now and don't find out the hard way

 Starting at $19.95 was $29.95
  HitchSafe: Trailer Hitch Lock Box

After having these for months now at, everyone at the shop that has a hitch has a Hitchsafe.  Super simple and easy to install.  Provides a safe spot to stash your keys, credit, cash etc.  Also really handy for storing a spare key for those of us who have a habit of leaving the keys in the car (or have friends who do).  Fits any standard hitch on all cars.  We really can't say enough about these. 

 Only $69.95
  O'Neill Superfreak Tropical Booties:

Even the toughest kiters need a good pair of booties.  When your at a new spot or somewhere that has never been kiteboarded at before who knows what might be in the water.  Oyster shells are infamous for giving nasty cuts that can take months to heal and cause lots of lost water time.  Stay in the water and have a pair of these handy to throw on whenever your unsure about what exactly might be at the bottom.

  Only $49.95  
  PKS Kook-Proof Pigtail Sets

Why do you need these?  Watch the video

Prevents wear on your lines so instead of replacing an expensive $150 set of lines you can just replace the pigtails.  We recommend replacing pigtails at least once a year or at the first sign of wear.


  Crazyfly QuickFix II Pads and Straps 

These are the most cush, longest lasting, best fitting strap and pad set we have tried.  The large toe grip lets you grip on and lock in when you want to. Dual Density EVA provides tons of shock absorption, and because of the dual density design these will stay nice and cushy for a long time.  New strap design lets you center the strap in just the right part of your foot providing a custom fit. 

  Dakine Pyro Waist Harness

Dakine's Pyro waist harness is the most comfortable and advance harness on the market. Beefed up again so it will stand up to the harshest kite loops and powered moves, all the best riders local and PKRA champs ride with the dakine pyro this is the worlds best harness.