PKS Universal Pump Adapter Set

PKS Universal Pump Adapter Set

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The PKS Universal Pump Adapter/ Nozzle -  Set fits on standard kite pump hoses with a bayonet connection.  The set includes an adapter for compatibility with pretty much any kite out there.

  • S1 Standard Pump Adapter for 7mm and 9mm Valves
  • BC Pump Adapter for Big Boston Screw Valves
  • V2 Universal Kite Valve Pump Adapter for SUP Style Naish/Flysurfer/F-One/Core
  • A2 Pump Adapter for North, Core, Eleveight, RRD and Cabrinha Airlock 2 Valve Pump Adapter
  • M2 Max Flow Pump Adapter for Liquid Force Valves/ Reedin
  • S3 Pump Adapter for Duotone and North Airport Valves with Silicone Ring
*NOTE*  -  This adapter set was built to fit newer model heavy duty pump hoses (2016 and newer.)  The adapter does also fit older model pump hoses (prior to 2016) very tightly but does not lock in like standard OEM adapters.  The adapter can be used as is or modified by filing down the tiny nub near the ridge of the adapter allowing it to lock in to the pump hose like OEM adapters.  The exception to this is the Cabrinha Airlock 1 Screw Valve Pump adaptor which fits both newer heavy duty hoses and old hoses without any modification. 
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