2017 Airush Diamond Kite Control Bar

2017 Airush Diamond Kite Control Bar

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2017 Airush Diamond Bar - 4 Line

One Size: 41-48cm

  • Shorter Bar throw for easier reach.
  • Smaller depower loop to keep the bar closer.
  • Narrower grip for smaller hands.

We looked closely at the specific needs of female kiters and developed the Diamond Bar, focusing on a more compact control setup, keeping the depower easily within reach, which is absolutely necessary while riding comfortable and safely. In addition the narrower grip featured on the AP Bar also suits smaller hands. The Diamond Bar carries the full updates of features for 2017, along with improved flying lines which have reduced stretch and increased strength.


BRAIN QUICK RELEASE - The Airush Bars have safety as first priority. An industry standard Brain Quick Release and color-coding on all parts makes the Airush system perfect and hassle free for all riders. Continuing for 2017, the LOW Y on the center lines allows for a quick single flag out for those situations where you need it the most.

NARROW DIAMETER GRIP - Featured on the AP and Diamond bar is the all-new Narrow Diameter Grip. For 2017, these bars decreased in thickness from 23mm to 18mm. The Narrow Diameter Grip is perfectly comfortable for smaller hands or for riders looking to do constant handle passes.

SOFT TOUCH - The Airush Soft Touch is a durable rubber molding encasing the bar ends. With a softer bar end, the Soft Touch prevents surfboard dings while adding an element of safety and comfort.

LOW Y SYSTEM - The Low Y System allows for single front line flag out system. Providing a safe way of killing the power of your kite. Not only improving safety, the Low Y increases the angle of the front lines, which avoids unnecessary pinching or folding of the kite. By doing so, the wingtips become looser and move more independently, greatly increasing the manoeuvrability, turning speed and response of the kite.

- The new leash attachment found on all Airush bars makes riding in freeride or suicide mode a breeze. With the additional ring, riders can easily attach and detach their leash while in suicide mode. Those who ride in suicide mode should be aware of the risks as the kite will not be able to power down when riding unhooked.

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