2022 AK Mid-Aspect Foil - Tracer 1600 - 20% Off

2022 AK Mid-Aspect Foil - Tracer 1600 - 20% Off

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AK Tracer - Mid-Aspect Foil Series - 1600

  • Medium aspect ratio for ease of use & maneuverability.
  • Moustache tail wing for directional stability & ease of use.
  • Versatile performance & high-speed control.

For riders looking for the perfect balance between performance, ease of use, and the ultimate maneuverability, the Tracer Foil Series will have you carving the cleanest lines with intuitive ease.

Foiling has opened up the playground and allowed us to utilize the smallest waves, flattest lakes, and light wind conditions to bring a new sensation to performance surfing. Our love for the sport has inspired a range of foils and boards suitable for crossover use in surf, wake, pump, and wind sports.

The AK modular foil platform considers the evolution in foiling to allow riders to customize their setup. From the very first ride and lower speed performance to the most technical riding abilities with longer masts and higher speed wings, the modular foil platform is designed to meet the needs of riders at every level across different sports.

All wings, masts, fuselages, and base plates are interchangeable, without compromising the ease of assembly and robustness of the overall foil platform.

1600 Specs:
  • Aluminum mast - 80cm
  • Rear Wing - Trimmable rear wing, 300 Moustache
  • Fuselages  - 71cm - The longer effective cadence of the 71cm fuselage provides a more stable platform, for general freeride use and progression.
  • Front Wing - 1600cm - Medium Aspect - The Tracer series features a medium aspect ratio, for ease of use, maneuverability, and versatile performance.

Foil Technology
  • Our foil technology focuses on combining maximum durability, ease of assembly, reduced weight into a high-performance system. Our prepreg carbon and composite wings utilize a lightweight foam core, while the tough multi-layer outside lamination optimizes strength and stiffness.
  • Assembly is quick, through the use of the large diameter stainless steel bolts in the foil assembly and an open-ended connection plate. This aligns with the industry standard spacing and works in conjunction with AK stainless-steel quick connect board inserts.  

  • Streamlined Connection - The streamlined connection plate absolutely minimizes any drag when you get going or touch down, while creating a solid connection to the mast.
  • Double Bolt Connection - The M8 double bolt connection on the top and bottom works in conjunction with the chamfered slots for a bombproof connection, while enabling a fast assembly.
  • Micro Trim Adjustment - The 12mm slots enable micro trim adjustment when not being used in a track system, while the open ends make the plate much quicker and easier to fit when being used in a track system.
  • Trimmable Wing - The trimmable rear wing connection allows the trim angle to be quickly adjusted to compensate for the lift requirements for different rider levels, personal preference, and when using different wing configurations.
  • Anhedral Front Wings - The anhedral front wing creates stability, specifically when carving, by preventing slipping and improving ventilation correction.
  • Stealth Fuselage - The unique Stealth Fuselage absolutely minimizes drag and maximizes stiffness, while the flow dynamics minimize any oscillation you would find in a round fuselage, resulting in increased stability.
  • Taper Lock Front Wing Connection - Our unique Taper Lock front wing connection engages the side walls of the wing as the three heavy-duty M8 Bolts are tightened. This integrated sidewall connection creates a dynamic and bombproof connection to the Stealth fuselage.

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