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Does the job!

- 10/6/2019

Bought this pump to use with my inflatable paddle board, and love it. It takes about the same amount of time as pumping by hand, but it's a hell of a lot easier on the back! I have an 11'6" iSUP that needs to be pumped up to 15psi, and the Bravo gets it done without running out of charge.

How did I live without

- 1/3/2019

My wife gave me this for my birthday. Best kite equipment purchase you will ever make. Nothing like going to the launch and flipping a switch. Then just kick back and watch everyone else get winded while pumping up there kites. hahhahhaha

Bravo 20-1 Electric Kite / SUP / Inflatable Pump

- 12/8/2018

I like it.
I had the Bravo 12 with the 2 stage action.
This Bravo 20 is a 1 stage pump so it takes a little longer to pump up a kite but it has less technology to go wrong.
I like the green light showing its charging & the air pressure gauge are both upgrades from the Bravo 12. The dial on the Bravo 20 is easier than the the Bravo 12 to set the pressure at which the pump automatically stops inflating.
I've had it for a few months so I can't address its long term durability but the bag is holding up well & the pump so far is functioning well.
The pump comes with a fuse like one you would use in your car. You take it out if you are storing the pump for a month or longer. It saves the stored battery life. The pump won't work without the fuse when it comes time to pump up a kite. I'm interested to find out just how long I can go on one battery? The Bravo 20 battery is a little bigger than one in the Bravo 12. Changing the battery is just a matter of removing 4 screws in the corners of the pump bottom. Easy access to the battery. Suppose to be easy to find replacement batteries on a place like Amazon. I will know more about that when the time comes.

Probably overkill but LOVE it!

- 5/22/2018

Bought the Bravo 20-1 for pumping up two 12 ft inflatable kayaks. With pontoon psi of only 3.2 and floor psi of 5 or so, this pump is way overkill but works great- set it and forget it! We love knowing the pressure is where it should be without repeated checks of a gauge. It sounds like a pump of course, but drones, doesn't squeal or whine - at least at our psi needs. This makes it really easy for a couple 50-somethings to get 2 boats on the water quickly. Love the wall outlet recharging too. Very good experience with vendor and product!

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