Bravo BTP 12 Electric Kite / SUP Pump

Bravo BTP 12 Electric Kite / SUP Pump

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This Bravo BTP 12 Electric pump has everything you need to pump your kiteboarding kite, stand up paddle board (SUP), raft, or other inflatable items quickly and with ease. 2-Stage pump quickly fills at low pressure and goes into high-pressure mode at higher pressure with automatic shutoff once the desired pressure has been reached. Heavy-duty hose comes with several different sizes and types of adapters for compatability with 9mm kite inflate valves, and Boston screw valves (most commonly found on kites and many air mattresses). Easily carry the pump with the included shoulder strap or easy carry handles on the inside and outside of the bag, allowing the pump to be moved easily while it's open with the hose attached or all packed. Rechargable 12 Volt battery is easily charged with the included wall charger and in case your battery is drained, the pump can be run from other power sources such as a car battery using the included power cable.


  • Heavy Duty Hose with several sizes of adapter fitting, 9mm kite, and Boston valve compatability
  • Pumps to high PSI (0 to 15 Pounds per Square Inch, or 0.05 to 1 Bar)
  • 2-Stage pump quickly fills at low pressure and then kicks into high gear at higher pressure
  • "Set it and Forget it" pumps until the pre-set pressure is reached then automatically turns off
  • Rechargeable 12 Volt Battery
  • Shoulder carry strap
  • Easy carry handles on inside and outside of bag, allowing the pump to be easily carried or moved with the bag open or closed
  • Velcro retaining strap holds the pump in the bag and prevents it from falling out
  • Kite Leash holds your kite while pumping
  • Included 12 Volt power cable can run the pump from other sources like a car battery if the included battery is drained
  • Easily recharge the battery with the included wall charger

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- 3/17/2017

Good Product

- 1/30/2017

Very good product , I already use it a few times and it works great, smaller in size than similar products in the market but same power.

Fantastic energy saver

- 8/6/2016

This pump is fantastic. I'm still kiting at 71 years old, so I need to conserve all the energy I can. This gadget makes pumping up the kite a spectator sport. I've now pumped up 12 kites and still haven't had to recharge the battery. I had to make a m...

Off the Chain

- 6/10/2016

This makes inflatable SUPs a totally viable option for daily use. You do not hesitate to want to take out your board for a quick spin on that water now that it takes only a couple of minutes to inflate to full pressure with no effort at all. No hooking ...

Worth EVERY Cent

- 3/19/2016

This pump is everything that Jeff shows in the video. It's compact, efficient, fast, easy to recharge, and a real energy saver. It saves a lot of back strain , and makes changing kites a much more attractive option, saving time and effort. The biggest a...

completely blown away

- 1/7/2016

I got this for my wife for her SUP, and she was completely blown away. At first, she opened the one zipper and saw the battery cables and thought I'd gotten her a thing for her car. She was kind of "oh, yeah...this is...uhhh...great". I realized that she ...

Best purchase

- 11/30/2015

We inflated 22 kites with the pump and we did not go to the end of the power! Very nice.


- 10/7/2015

Just got the Bravo pump as a birthday present courtesy of my wife. Thank you so much for rushing the order. What a great device. I just fully inflated my 15 meter Ocean Rodeo to a correct 6 lbs PSI in 2 minutes and 8 seconds.

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