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- 3/17/2017

Good Product

- 1/30/2017

Very good product , I already use it a few times and it works great, smaller in size than similar products in the market but same power.

Fantastic energy saver

- 8/6/2016

This pump is fantastic. I'm still kiting at 71 years old, so I need to conserve all the energy I can. This gadget makes pumping up the kite a spectator sport. I've now pumped up 12 kites and still haven't had to recharge the battery. I had to make a modification to the hose so it would handle my Cabrihna, but it was easy to do. Instead of using the fittings that came with it, I just cut the end off an old pump hose, and pressed it onto the end of the new hose. It's a perfect press fit, and I've pumped kites to 9psi with no problems. With the new end on the hose, you can use the fittings that came with your old manual pump, so you have all the versatility you need. (I'm carrying the fittings that came with this pump in the bag, just in case I have a failure.) The only other down-side is the weight. It weighs in at about 9 lbs, so if you're flying you might have a problem with the airline's weight limit. However, it's a sealed battery, so you can put it in your carry-on if you need to.

Off the Chain

- 6/10/2016

This makes inflatable SUPs a totally viable option for daily use. You do not hesitate to want to take out your board for a quick spin on that water now that it takes only a couple of minutes to inflate to full pressure with no effort at all. No hooking up to cars or having to top off once that other pumps reach reach their capacity. And most of all the great charging options. Finally the Cats Meow of pumps!!! Whoomp, whoomp!!!

Worth EVERY Cent

- 3/19/2016

This pump is everything that Jeff shows in the video. It's compact, efficient, fast, easy to recharge, and a real energy saver. It saves a lot of back strain , and makes changing kites a much more attractive option, saving time and effort. The biggest advantage over the older model is the visible gage which is activated when the secondary pump kicks in, as well as a more.convenient overall configuration. When kiting every day, I recharged the battery once a week, just to be certain not to run low, but this obviously is use dependent. I wouldn't hesitate to buy another.

completely blown away

- 1/7/2016

I got this for my wife for her SUP, and she was completely blown away. At first, she opened the one zipper and saw the battery cables and thought I'd gotten her a thing for her car. She was kind of "oh, yeah...this is...uhhh...great". I realized that she didn't know what it was, so I had her look at all of it, then she realized what it was. Best present she got, FO SHO! :)

Best purchase

- 11/30/2015

We inflated 22 kites with the pump and we did not go to the end of the power! Very nice.


- 10/7/2015

Just got the Bravo pump as a birthday present courtesy of my wife. Thank you so much for rushing the order. What a great device. I just fully inflated my 15 meter Ocean Rodeo to a correct 6 lbs PSI in 2 minutes and 8 seconds.

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