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The dream of a perfect session on the water, inspired the founder of Carved Customs. The company lives the kiter's dream every day. They are kiters: heart and soul, as well as engineers, innovators, experimenters and part-time mad scientists. From their passion, they build boards with character using the most advanced materials possible.

See, feel and experience a lightwind masterpiece. See the shimmer of the proprietary carbon fiber and the unique hand-finished rails of the new Imperator 6 LW. Feel the perfectly sanded edges. Now, experience the power, control and sheer pleasure the new LW edition generates in the lightest of winds.

The seven-knot king. With broad tips, unique fin placement, and concave rails our biggest lightwind machine generates endless smiles and ultra smooth carves.
  • Cartan Carbon Construction
  • Unibody - Edgeless, seamless hand-finished construction
  • Flex Tips - stiffer near the tips for pop, softer in the center for a smooth ride
The unequalled dynamic CARBON was exclusively developed for CARVED. The carbon fibers are, in contrast to normal carbon fiber, woven at a performance enhancing 30 degree angle.

The exclusive edgeless and seamless construction is finished off by hand. This construction method ensures that the restorative forces are harmonically spread throughout the entire board. This enables the perfect blend between flex and torsional rigidity.

The flex in the board tips is precisely defined. Stiffer nearer to the fins for brutal amounts of pop; and softer in the middle of the tips to enable a smooth ride through choppy water and endless levels of control.

CARVED has been producing surf and kiteboards for over two decades, in their custom manufacturing facility on Fehmarn. This wealth of experience is expressed in the multitude of unique details and intricacies of the IMPERATOR LW.

Discover the new IMPERATOR LW now at your Dealer and experience its full performance in lighter winds.

Wakestyle, Flat Water, Light Wind

Ride Characteristics
  • Perfect Magic Performance Ride
  • Pure sports version without sacrificing comfort
  • Pure pop
  • Perfection of the Torsion rigidity by uniquely laying diagonal Carbon fibers
  • Sharper rails for easier planing
  • Wider tips for more surface area in the water
  • Wakestyle, Light Wind
  • The lightest and most robust board in the world
  • Full carbon for pure performance
  • Clean, black fiberglass rails, ultra-robust
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