Core XLITE Foil Kite

Core XLITE Foil Kite

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Specialized Series: CORE's line of highly focused, single-purpose
gear adds a new kite. The XLITE answers the call for a
dedicated, high-performance foil kite. A no-compromise, all-in, one strut inflatable with features unique to the niche discipline of foiling.

A tailor-made foil kite.

One of foiling's defining attributes is the ability to #gokiting
when traditional kiters can't. Hydrofoils are so efficient that
they need a kite that flies in virtually no wind. "We set a very
high bar when we release a new Specialized Series product and
our new foil kite is no exception" comments Philip Schinnagel,
CORE's managing director. XLITE, an offspring from the Nexus and
Section kites, went through a comprehensive lightweighting
program which shed 20% in weight. Foiling the XLITE in 8-10 knots
has never been easier. The removal of struts makes this kite so excellent for kite foil foiling and light wind conditions.

The devil is in the details.

Mass reduction isn't easy. So, CORE experimented with new leading
edge materials, bridles, and one strut designs. After exhaustive
R&D, our designers zeroed in on CoreTex for the canopy and new
ExoTex Light for the leading edge. "CoreTex brings power and
support to our single strut canopy" explains Frank Ilfrich,
CORE's chief designer. "And our testing found ExoTex Light is
similar in strength as our current ExoTex leading edge dacron
yet is 10% lighter." New, lighter bridles (and redesigned
attachment points) prevent line snag when relaunching. No detail
was too small to lightweight. In the end, CORE's 20% mass
reduction target was achieved.

The power of the Nexus and the drift of the Section.

The XLITE's design genus is inspired by CORE's wave phenom, the
Section, and the Nexus, a multi-talented allrounder. The XLITE
benefits from the Section's drifting skills in waves. Yes! The
XLITE is wave ready! Send the XLITE, and you'll feel that Nexus
power in super light winds. Enough juice that allows you to size
down. CORE's designers increased the canopy's aspect ratio
(higher than the Section) so the kite can keep up with the foil
at speed. With perfect kite balance and super direct bar feel,
the XLITE makes learning new moves a blast.

CORE's new Sensor 2S Pro Foil bar completes the package.
SLE foil kites are sensitive to heavy kite lines that sag and
affect steering. To maximize your XLITE's performance, we
recommend our new Sensor 2S Pro Foil bar. It comes with a shorter
all carbon bar in 39/45cm width and super adjustable lines that
are 20% thinner. Thinner lines also improve water relaunching in
marginal conditions. The foil bar comes with 22m Tectanium lines
(16m+2m+4m) that are rated for 300+kg. Additional 3m extensions
are found in the bar bag for those who prefer longer lines.
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