CrazyFly Chickenloop with Push-Away Quick Release

CrazyFly Chickenloop with Push-Away Quick Release

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The Crazyfly Chickenloop with Push-Away Quick-Release is the stock part that comes with all Sick Bars. The built in swivel and smooth-release make this one of the cleanest and most simple systems on the market.

The Sick Click system, as it's called since it's on the Sick Bar, came out years ago with the driving force behind the design being "clean and simple."  Crazyfly didn't want to muck up the ease of use by making it overcomplicated.  It's been a very nice feature of their bar ever since, with small changes over time to improve the mechanics and longevity.  The quick release is the end product of refining within a "keep it simple" mindset.

This Quick-Release and Chickenloop product does NOT come with the Depower/PU line or the parts above the bar (clamcleat, depower bracket, flylines, safety bungee line, etc.). It is just the chicken loop and quick-release with swivel.

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