Crazyfly Pure Pocket Board

Crazyfly Pure Pocket Board

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2021 Crazyfly Pure -  Micro Sized Hydrofoil Board, A Unique Pocket Poil Deck.


  • 77cm - 1.4 kg
  • 88cm -1.6 kg 
  • 99cm - 1.8 kg
Pure is a pocket foil board unlike any other. Ultra-small with a pure minimalist design and extremely lightweight full-carbon layup without any sacrifice to the performance. In its mid-size, 88 x 43 cm, the Pure board with a full deck pad weighs an incredible 1.58 kg, making it the lightest foil board in the world. The Pure is a masterpiece of extreme light weight engineering with air inside core technology and demonstrates outstanding expertise of CrazyFly in all areas of carbon fiber technology.

The Pure is designed for upper-intermediate riders, who know how to stay up on a foil. It's also designed for expert riders looking for the smallest and lightest foil board possible. It has a mid-height nose to not push water and slow down when touching down, but requires advanced skill to recover a touchdown. Experienced riders will appreciate the low weight when jumping and pocket size when riding and travelling. Works perfectly with and without straps and also with a back foot hook. The Pure is effortless to tip on the side for quick and easy water starts. Flex remains stiff thanks to high strength carbon fibers, concave deck shape and less leverage on such short board. Stiff flex results in quick and dynamic response to rider's input and feels very solid under feet.  The Pure literally fits everywhere, so it is a perfect travel companion.

Foil Mast Plate Spacing:

  • 165 x 90 mm


  • 35 CM / 13.5 INCH

Total Ride Weight of a Pure 88 Custom deck and Crazyfly Master foil , 10.75lbs


  • The lightest foil board in the world
  • Ultra-small minimalist design
  • Air Inside Core technology
  • High-end carbon construction
  • Precision hand crafted in CrazyFly factory

Feather Light - Extreme Light Weight Engineering: The Pure is without a doubt the lightest foil board in the world. In its mid-size, 88 x 43 cm, the board with full deck pad weighs an incredible 1 580 grams. Our engineers took advantage of over 20 years of experience in constructing light weight products such as windsurf boards, surf boards, kiteboards and foils. Based on this experience, they managed to strip down weight without compromising breaking strength and performance. With the brand new air inside wood core and high end carbon technology, we successfully created a feather light masterpiece.

Full deck footpad - Comfortable and safe: All our foil boards come with a full deck footpad installed. It comes in handy for traction and safety during wipeouts. Thanks to our unique foil mounting system, there are no screws sticking out on the deck either. Just a nice comfy pad all the way.

CNC-Shaped Wood Core: Core is one of the most essential elements in every kiteboard. Therefore, we choose only the finest selection wood cores for all CrazyFly kiteboards. To have precisely shaped cores of the highest quality, we are using a CNC machine to cut the outline, drill holes, and give various 3D shapes on all cores.

Air Inside Core - Feather Light, Army strong: This patent pending technology is unheard of in kiteboarding. There are true hollow spaces between the top and bottom layup layers of carbon fiber with air trapped inside. This results in the lightest possible board core.

High end carbon construction - Hand made with passion: Precisely machine cut, but placed and laminated by hand with attention to detail. That is the high end full carbon layup that comes with Pure boards. When it comes to stiffness, dynamics and energy transfer, carbon fibers are simply irreplaceable. They provide the best possible performance, high strength and low weight. All key ingredients to create the Pure boards.

Carbon touch - Raw natural beauty of carbon:With over 20 years of experience in working with carbon, CrazyFly is stepping up with the most advanced carbon fiber technology in kiteboarding. The Pure board is not made with conventional top and bottom sheet construction method. To radically reduce weight and showcase the raw natural beauty of Carbon, our engineers came up with the Carbon Touch technology. This technology does not only make the Pure board feather-light, it also enables the user to touch and feel the carbon fibers.

Insert foil mount tech - Quick and easy: This unique foil to board mounting tech allows for quick and easy installation of the foil. The screws do not go through the board. Instead, there are closed top inserts, so mounting the foil is as easy as it can be with just four screws. Thanks to our innovative foil mounting system, there are no screws sticking out on the deck either. Just a nice comfy pad all the way.

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Amazing board

- 5/19/2023

Fri me this board has been a game changer. The direct feel and the sense of connection to the foil has renewed my love for foiling (my set up is a SAB /Moses 101 mast/W771/S399). There is essentially no swing weight making rotations effortless and small m...

Crazy Fly Pure 88 Foilboard

- 10/11/2021

Pure Joy! Most direct control of foil I have ever experienced…Feels like you’re riding the wing itself. Swings around effortlessly tacking and when doing 360s. Combined with a strutless kite and kiss bar, it’s a lightweight dream. Not just great ...

In love with the board!!!!!

- 2/26/2021

Must confess when it arrived I thought it was beautiful butI wondered whether I shouldn't have ordered the 99. Though extremely comfortable with Kanaha Shapes 42", I was concerned it might be really sinky during water starts....

So out on the water I w...

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