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In love with the board!!!!!

- 2/26/2021

Must confess when it arrived I thought it was beautiful butI wondered whether I shouldn't have ordered the 99. Though extremely comfortable with Kanaha Shapes 42", I was concerned it might be really sinky during water starts....

So out on the water I went with my Armstrong 85cm mast and 1200 wing, prepared to have three or more sessions trying to get accustomed to it., and....

No adjustment period. The board is just easy...Easy to mount, easy to ride, easy to jibe, easy to tack, do 360s etc.... I never felt more connected to a board...I did not try to sit on it, as it was pretty choppy...but, other than that, right out of the box it was/is a dream.

Also, in advance I wasn't crazy about the idea of a black pad...thought it might be hard to see board if I got separated from it and it was heading downwind...But with my mast and foil, the few times I did fall the board didn't want to float flat...always at least partially on it side, so can't imagine it getting lost.

Only complaint is I had not yet added speaker mounts.


Crazy Fly Pure 88 Foilboard

- 10/11/2021

Pure Joy! Most direct control of foil I have ever experienced…Feels like you’re riding the wing itself. Swings around effortlessly tacking and when doing 360s. Combined with a strutless kite and kiss bar, it’s a lightweight dream. Not just great for kiting…. also awesome behind wakesurf boat.

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