CrazyFly Pure 88cm Deck and Crazyfly Up Foil Used

CrazyFly Pure 88cm Deck and Crazyfly Up Foil Used

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Used in great shape

2021 Crazyfly Pure -  Micro Sized Hydrofoil Board, A Unique Pocket Poil Deck.

Pure is a pocket foil board unlike any other. Ultra-small with a pure minimalist design and extremely lightweight full-carbon layup without any sacrifice to the performance. In its mid-size, 88 x 43 cm, the Pure board with a full deck pad weighs an incredible 1.58 kg, making it the lightest foil board in the world. The Pure is a masterpiece of extreme light weight engineering with air inside core technology and demonstrates outstanding expertise of CrazyFly in all areas of carbon fiber technology.

The Pure is designed for upper-intermediate riders, who know how to stay up on a foil. It's also designed for expert riders looking for the smallest and lightest foil board possible. It has a mid-height nose to not push water and slow down when touching down, but requires advanced skill to recover a touchdown. Experienced riders will appreciate the low weight when jumping and pocket size when riding and travelling. Works perfectly with and without straps and also with a back foot hook. The Pure is effortless to tip on the side for quick and easy water starts. Flex remains stiff thanks to high strength carbon fibers, concave deck shape and less leverage on such short board. Stiff flex results in quick and dynamic response to rider's input and feels very solid under feet.  The Pure literally fits everywhere, so it is a perfect travel companion.

2021 Crazyfly Carbon Up Foil

The Crazyfly Up foil is a full-carbon all-around freeride foil suitable for beginners and intermediate riders. It offers high maneuverability, medium top speed and great stability. Plus the larger 580-squared centimeter surface area and hydrodynamic high-lift shape of the front wing push up at low speed. It is easy to get up and fun to cruise. The larger front wing makes up for a smooth ride and is easy to ride strapless. More advanced riders will appreciate the larger front wing when landing their first jumps, as it is more much stable and easier to get back up on the foil than the smaller front wings. The rear wing has a more loose shape, allowing for playful turns and fun in waves.

All parts of the foil set can be quickly and easily mounted and dismounted with only seven screws, which makes it perfect for travelling. We designed the foils with a modular system so all individual parts are compatible and interchangable between both the Master and Up foil sets. The modular system is ideal for upgrading your foil game. For example, you can upgrade your Up foil set with a Master Freerace front wing once you progress to hit higher top speeds.

The Crazyfly Up Foil is made with the most advanced composite technology - prepreg Autoclave. Prepreg carbon fiber composites always have the perfect ratio of resin spread evenly and create the best molecular bonding. Prepreg composite lamination is a dry process, as prepreg carbon fiber composites are stored cold. Then they are CNC knife cut and hand placed into the mold. The Autoclave ensures correct pressure and heat are applied for a very specific time frame. This results in by far the best strength-to-weight ratio which is essential for high performance foils. Of course, all foil products are produced in Europe

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