Free Wingboard Combo Deal - 4m and 5m Dakine Cyclone Wings, 1600 Dakine Charger Foil - On 110L Wingboard

Free Wingboard Combo Deal - 4m and 5m Dakine Cyclone Wings, 1600 Dakine Charger Foil - On 110L Wingboard

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Dakine Cyclone Wings, Dakine Charger Foil and a Free On 110L Inflatable Wingboard

Get into wingboarding at a great price with the most common sizes of Wings, Foil and Board. These sizes are easily the most common starter sizes that will not only get you atarted, but will allow you to advance and gro into the dport. 

4m and 5m - Dakine Cyclone Wing

1600 - Dakne Charger Hydrofoil - (Front Wing-1600 ] [ Mast-70cm ] [ Fuselage-346 ] [ Rear Wing-220)
110L - On Wingboard Board Size: 110L /  5'6" x   28" x   6"
  • Board comes with Board Pump, Leash and Repair Kit

Dakine Cyclone Wingboarding Wing

We designed the Cyclone wing to be ultra-versatile and handle any conditions you can throw at it. This wing has stable drift when on the wave or going downwind. This extremely rigid design allows you to get up quickly and go. This stiffness also will enable you to power through gusts and jump to the moon with confidence. No matter what discipline you choose, you will be hard-pressed to find a wing that performs better than the Cyclone.

Key Features:
  • TPU window with center load seam for increased visibility.
  • Ergonomic widespan handle layout for micro adjustment/trim
  • Increased centre diameter to the leading edge, as well as a progressive taper provides not only improved stiffness, but also increased canopy tension.
  • Sprint Inflate Valve

Dakine Charger Foil

Dakine's foil kit is light and fast. It is designed to get you charging. This foil is designed to get you out of the water and foiling no matter what your discipline of choice is. These high lift, medium aspect foils are well suited for foil surfing, kite foiling, and wing foiling. The pre-preg carbon wings feature an integrated fuselage for superior stiffness and control. The forward draft profile of the front wing delivers a stable and predictable lift. The kit comes in three sizes 1300, 1600, and 1950. Each kit comes with everything you need: your choice of the front wing, 70cm mast, 346 fuselages and 220 rear wings, and all the required hardware.

Key Features:
  • Moderate anhedral for a more efficient lift platform
  • Full pre-preg carbon construction
  • Integrated fuselage with tapered fit
  • Superior torsional stiffness and minimum drag

On Wingfoil Airlight - Inflatable Wingboard - 110L

With zero compromises on performance, the Airlight Inflatable Wingboard is your new wing-foiling or Paddle foiling go-to.  The best priced iWB All Around performance board on the market. We have equipped our proven shapes with additional features to improve performance at the best value out there. The Airlight features a Super stiff bottom carbon plate with track system and hand hold slot.  For adventure seekers or travel enthusiasts, the Airlight Inflatable packs up into a Back Pack, making your next adventure even easier and more accessable. 

  • Airlite Inflatable 110L    5'6" x   28" x   6"
  • Corduroy  EVA Deck Pad
  • Fusion Dropstitch
  • Double Layer Rails
  • 2 Leash Attachement Rings
  • V2 SUP Style inflate/defate valve
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